Which Are the Ideal Sex Positions During Pregnancy?

Although you might think that having intercourse is difficult during pregnancy, you should know that during this time women have an increased libido and so they should try different sex positions during pregnancy. You just have to find the ones that work for you and keep practicing them.

Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Woman on top as one of the pregnancy sex positions

For this position your partner should lie on his back and you should lower yourself on top of him, facing him or facing his feet. A lot of women say that their nipples are really sensitive during their pregnancy. If this is your case, you should make sure that your partner kisses them during intercourse.

The new missionary position

This is another sex position when being pregnant that you could try. You should lie on your back with your knees bent, your feet resting on the chest of your partner. In order to enter you, your partner should be on his knees. This way there will be no pressure on your belly. It might be more comfortable if you have a pillow beneath your bottom.

Side by side

If you are looking for sex positions during pregnancy, give this one a shot. You and your partner should lie side by side, facing each other. Then drape your leg over his body. The downside of this position is that you can’t practice it during the third trimester because the baby bump will be in the way.


For this sex position while being pregnant you should lie on your side and curl up. You partner should lie behind you and enter you from behind. In this case penetration is quite shallow, so the position is just perfect during the last stages of your pregnancy.

From behind

This is a simple one of the sex positions during pregnancy. All you have to do is to get on all fours. Your partner should enter your from behind while kneeling. Another thing you may do is to bend over the bed and your partner should enter you from behind while standing. This is a maximum penetration position.


In case of this sex position for pregnancy your partner should be sitting in a sturdy chair and you should straddle him. Also you could be sitting in the chair upright or leaned back and have your partner enter you from the front while kneeling on the floor. Have your legs around him.

Will the baby have problems?

You shouldn’t be afraid of sex positions during pregnancy. This is because if you have an orgasm, it is good for you, and if it is good for you, it will also be good for the baby. Keep in mind that the chemicals that are released during an orgasm make you happy and relax you.

If you find the right sex position for pregnant women you will achieve inner peace and this is also transmitted to the little one.

There is nothing to be worried about when it comes to sex positions during pregnancy.


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