Things to Know About Sex Positions to Conceive a Baby

Some people say that there are some sex positions to conceive baby.

Although it might be fun to try these positions to boost your chances of conception, you should know that there is no scientific evidence suggesting that one position would be better than the other.

Sex Positions to Conceive a Baby

Missionary sex position

A lot of people seem to believe that this is the best position for pregnancy.

The main idea behind this theory is that you are using the force of gravity to bring the sperm where you want it to be. Although it might sound boring, it is most certainly worth a try.

Hands and knees

This sex position for pregnancy is also known as doggy style. The position is just perfect for those who are looking for deep penetration. It is believed that if the sperm is delivered closer to the cervix, it is easier for it to reach the egg because it has less traveling to do.

On the other hand you should know about the sex positions for conception that the ‘little soldiers’ are fast swimmers so they would probably get to their destination anyway. However if you happen to have a tipped uterus, using this position might turn out to be to your advantage.

Woman on top

Although some say that this might not be the best sex position for conception because sperm has to fight gravity, others believe that it doesn’t matter anyway. A lot of women say that they get the most pleasure from this position and that’s what really matters, right?

Why is an orgasm important?

You might believe that pleasure isn’t so important when looking for positions for intercourse in order to get pregnant, but the specialists think that it is important for the woman to have an orgasm. During it the muscles of the vagina contract, helping the sperm get closer to the cervix and to the egg as well.

After sex

It is true that the sex positions to have a baby might be important, but is also matters what you do after sex. Once you are done, you should place a small pillow below your hips and just lie down for about 20 minutes. According to studies, women have 15% higher chances of getting pregnant if they lie down.

When you are done using the sex positions for a baby you could use the time to have some pillow talk. You shouldn’t get up because gravity will make it more difficult for the sperm to reach the egg.

Although there is no scientific evidence that the sex positions to conceive a baby actually work, it can’t hurt to try them, especially if you have fun in the meantime.


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