Short of Breath During Pregnancy! Find Out Why

When being pregnant a lot of women notice that they are short of breath during pregnancy.

This is a common sign of pregnancy. Usually women become more aware of their breathing partly because the baby places a lot of strain on the circulatory and respiratory systems.

Short of Breath During Pregnancy

Causes of shortness of breath during pregnancy

You also have to think about the rising hormone levels that stimulate the respiratory responses of the brain, thus increasing your respiration rate leading to shortness of breath. For sure you know that during pregnancy the uterus expands and it takes more room than usually.

Women will be affected by shortness of breath while being pregnant because their belly is pressing against their diaphragm, thus leaving less space for the lungs to expand. Usually women notice this when climbing the stairs or when exercising. There is nothing to be worried about because this is something normal.

Is it safe?

In the majority of the cases of being short of breath during pregnancy there is nothing to be worried about. However you should see it as a reminder that you ought to take things easier during your pregnancy.  Some women believe that their shortness of breath affects the oxygen supply of the baby, but this isn’t the case.

In rare cases the shortness of breath when being pregnant suggests an underlying condition. This is usually the case if you have some kind of respiratory dysfunction or illness before you get pregnant such as asthma. Even in this case the situation is manageable.

In very rare cases of being short of breath during pregnancy, it can be a sign of a pulmonary embolism. This is a blood clot that travels through the lungs. Women have higher chances of this happening during pregnancy because the blood clotting mechanisms change a bit.

When to let your doctor know?

You have to tell your doctor about being short of breath when being pregnant if the problem appears suddenly without any obvious reason. Contact your doctor even if you have asthmatic symptoms, chest pain, coughing, fever, heart palpitations or blue appendages which suggest that your oxygen supply isn’t satisfactory.

Being short of breath during pregnancy and making it better

In order to make the symptom better, you should slow down a bit and take some deep breaths, expanding your chest. You could raise your hands above your head to open up the rib cage. Count to three when inhaling and count to 5-10 when exhaling. This way you will become more conscious about your breathing patterns.

In order not to be short of breath while being pregnant you should consider attending yoga classes to learn some breathing techniques. If you are exercising or climbing the stairs, you should make sure that you take your time. Otherwise you could experience faintness or dizziness.

If you are short of breath during pregnancy you can be sure that you aren’t the only one. You should try some techniques to make you feel better and remember that this isn’t something to be worried about.


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