Why Should You Avoid Smoking While Pregnant

When it comes to smoking while pregnant you should know that it is bad both for you and for the baby. If you are smoking during pregnancy, the baby is exposed to different kinds of harmful chemicals, such as nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide. These prevent the baby from getting the amount of oxygen that it needs.

Smoking While Pregnant

Effects of smoking during pregnancy on the mother

If you don’t quit during your pregnancy it is possible that you will have an ectopic pregnancy, be affected by vaginal bleeding, placental abruption (the placenta peeling away from the uterus’ wall), placenta previa (meaning that the placenta covers the uterus’ opening) or stillbirth.


In case the mother is smoking when being pregnant it is possible for the baby to be affected by different kinds of birth defects, such as cleft palate or lip. In the same time the baby could be born prematurely, or he or she might have a low birth weight. The baby might also have a low birth weight for the gestational age.

If the baby is born prematurely or with a low birth weight because the mother was smoking while pregnant, he or she might be affected by different health problems such as disabilities, like cerebral palsy, learning problems or intellectual disabilities. In serious cases the baby might also die.

Secondhand smoke

Even if we aren’t referring to a smoking mother but to a mother who inhales someone else’s smoke, there are still some risks. As a result the baby could have a low birth weight. In the same time the children who are exposed to smoke may also face serious health issues.

Although the mother might not be smoking while pregnant, if the baby is exposed to smoke, he or she is more likely to die because of SIDS and he or she has higher chances of being affected by asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, respiratory symptoms and ear infections and it is possible for the baby to have slow lung growth.

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Thirdhand smoke

According to the latest studies regarding the mothers who smoke, thirdhand smoking is also dangerous. This consists of toxic gases and different kinds of particles that are left behind by smoking. The toxic remains come with arsenic, lead and carbon monoxide that stick to things, such as hair, clothes, carpets and couches.

The problem isn’t only with the mothers smoking while pregnant but also those that smoke in front of young children. Smoke can cause asthma and different kinds of breathing problems. This is why it is important for the mothers and the children to stay away from smoke.

Reasons to quit

The smoking expectant mothers should do their best to quit as soon as possible because the sooner they quit, the healthier the baby will be. It is even better if women quit even before they get pregnant. However, if you are already pregnant, this is the perfect time to quit.

As you can see the problem of the smoking while pregnant is a serious one, so quitting it is a healthier option.


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