Surrogacy- Know about associated Pros and Cons

Surrogacy is a process when a couple decides to opt for a surrogate mother for having their own biological baby. In such a case a woman agrees to carry the baby of a couple on agreement basis. There are two types of surrogacy’s-gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy.

Surrogacy has always been a controversial subject as it has proved to hurt the religious sentiments in some nations. Opting for surrogacy can be a life changing decision and before going for it, everyone must be aware of its various positive aspects as well as its negative ones.

Here’s a list of pros and cons of surrogacy:

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Pros of Surrogacy

  • One of the positive things about surrogacy is that by opting for this method, both the mother and the father can be part of the conception of the baby.
  • Another positive aspect of surrogacy is that in this kind of a procedure, parents can choose to be linked genetically to the baby.
  • In case where no fertility method works for a couple, surrogacy can be considered as an alternate to adoption as there are many agencies which can help you find a surrogate mother. Infact you can even find a surrogate mother on your own to avoid paying the extra sum on money to the agency.
  • Surrogacy has proved to be a suitable and viable process for all those couples who are infertile, unhealthy and gay.

 Cons of Surrogacy

  • One of the main negative points associated with surrogacy is that finding a surrogate mother can be an extremely difficult and rather costly affair. If you are finding a surrogate mother through an agency, you might have to shell out huge sum of money.
  • Another negative of surrogacy is that you will have to bear all the prenatal medical costs as well as the costs of the various medical examinations and procedures.
  • Since surrogacy is a formal legal agreement, you might also need to bear the legal costs and fees to complete the procedure. Overall, the entire process can put you in a financial hardship.
  • Another negative associated with surrogacy is that it can put you in an emotional roller coaster since there are several legal, medical and other complications and complexities involved.
  • The time frame from researching the surrogate mother to child birth can prove to be a very long for couples who opt for surrogacy.

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