Is Theraflu Safe During Pregnancy?

If you are thinking about TheraFlu and pregnancy, most probably you are looking for some relief from a cold or the flu.But is Theraflu safe during pregnancy? This is the main purpose of the medication: to make the symptoms better.

The ingredients include pain relievers, antihistamines,and decongestants. As a result it can fight stuffiness, congestion, pains and aches.

Theraflu Safe During Pregnancy

Safety of the medication

Keep in mind regarding medications of this kind that they contain a combination of different types of ingredients.

This is why some people are allergic to them. It is best to check with your doctor before you start taking the drug.


During pregnancy it is best to be used rarely, about one or two times to keep the symptoms at bay. Nonetheless the ingredients of the medication are quite unlikely to cause any harm to the baby. Still the women who use the medication during their pregnancy increase the risks of the baby of being affected by different kinds of complications, such as birth defects.

This is why it is best to take TheraFlu during pregnancy only if you need it and if your doctor tells you that it is alright to take it.

Side effects

Just as any other kind of medication, this one as well could have different kinds ofside effects that women should be aware of. These side effects include insomnia, a feeling of nervousness, anxiety, and dizziness. There are some other more severe side effects as well, such as fast heartbeat, seizures, nausea, vomiting and even hallucinations.

In the same time the women who are breastfeeding should also consider the possible side effects. As you can see taking TheraFlu while being pregnancy is safe as long as it is taken moderately. Hopefully you won’t have to take the medication too often.


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