8 Tips to Breastfeed Newborn after Caesarean

Breastfeeding your newborn after you have had a caesarean can prove to be very tricky and challenging. Not only is the belly very sensitive during early days after caesarean but getting in and out of bed to nurse your baby and to meet his nursing needs is not possible in a swift way.

Moreover, you are going to be on medication to ease and pain and hence the breastfeeding experience can be discomforting. But you can look out for the following given 8 tips to breastfeed your baby after C-section:

breastfeed newborn after caesarean

1. If you are to breastfeed your baby while in a sitting position, you must add a lot of pillows or cushions so that the baby can be supported and so can be the abdomen while breastfeeding. Make sure you don’t strain any of the muscles especially those near the incision as you need them to heal them quickly.

2. Ask your partner to practice how to help you to place your baby as you get ready to breastfeed. Your partner’s support is crucial at this point and will also make him feel more involved. Your partner can take help from a professional to learn this.

3. Another tip that will help you is to breastfeed the newborn as frequently as possible. When you frequently breastfeed your baby, the milk supply will develop faster.

4. After a c section, most of you may be concerned about the medications that are being given to you to ease the pain but do not stop taking the medications because most of them are compatible with breastfeeding. But ofcourse, take only the recommended ones in the recommended amounts.

5. Another useful tip is to start breastfeeding your newborn as early as possible. Ideally, the first breastfeeding should occur within the 1st hour of childbirth. At this point, you will be in lesser pain.

6. Some of the good positions to breastfeed a baby after C section are football hold and cradle hold.

7. Make sure your baby is always near you during the first few days after C-section. This will avoid the need to easily breastfeed the baby without too much moving around. If this is not possible, then make sure you have someone with you for support at all times.

8. Make sure the baby is latched on as correctly as it is after a vaginal delivery and for this make sure his mouth is completely open.

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