Give Your Child The Gift For A Lifetime By Choosing An Apt Name!

The very thought of looking into the doe like eyes of your fragile child makes your heart melt and fills you with warmth of such immense nature that describing it in words seems nearly impossible. It is but known that you would do just about anything and everything to make your child’s life as perfect as possible, then why should his or her name be compromised upon? Your child’s name will be his/her identity, not only on government documents but also in terms of his overall personality. So before you select a name that shall stick with your child for his entire lifetime, you must take into account the following tips:

tips to choose baby names


  1. Decide the type of name you want for your child, it can be something that is in agreement with the general trend of naming, a name that is unique and out of the box or a name that is classic and timeless.
  2. Look up your family names and the style of naming, it might give some clue about what name can be the best for your child.
  3. Names in other language surely add to the uniqueness, though you must confirm the meaning of the word that “clicks” you and is deemed best.
  4. Meaning and the significance of the name must be taken good care of. You would not want your child to land up in situations that are awkward when it comes to his name.
  5. You may name your child after some character from a movie or a novel even a sit com that is one of your favorites.
  6. While thinking of ethical names, there significance needs to be clear to you. Remember the name itself acts as the building foundation of your child’s otherwise personality.
  7. You may name your child after a person whom you regard as your inspiration, or is your idol.
  8. Any virtue that you believe in can become your child’s name .Thought he name mustn’t sound awkward.e.g.”Grace” forms a good name though “truth” forms an awkward name.
  9. Be careful in selecting names for your child specially the ones that can actually be that of a baby girl or a baby boy. Selecting any such names can cause confusions in the future.
  10. The first name must sound well with the last name.
  11. Remember, the name you give to your child shall stay on forever.
  12. In case there are two children, remember that both their names should not be confused with. Different initials are a must in this case.
  13. Pen down names that come to your mind .Never know they might as well serve the purpose!
  14. Brainstorm with people whom you trust the most. Their opinion and ideas can actually be of use

The name that you give also has a psychological influence on the child. His or her social development and identity starts from his name. So be sure of going through the options well, to select a name that is best suited for your child.

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