Is Tylenol Safe During Pregnancy?

If you are pregnant and consider taking Tylenol you should ask yourself: “Is Tylenol safe during Pregnancy?” You most probably know that it is known for reducing headaches, fever and minor aches and pains.

It acts on the central nervous system thus stopping the feeling of pain. However doctors aren’t certain yet about the way it works exactly.

Pregnancy and medications

Tylenol During Pregnancy

There are a lot of different pain medications on the market in our days, but there are only a few that are said to be safe to take during pregnancy.

Still Tylenol is considered to be one of the safest to treat the aches and pains caused by pregnancy.

Already a lot is going on in the life of expectant women and knowing that there is some medication that they can rely on can offer them a given sense of security.


Although taking Tylenol while being pregnant may be safe to a certain point, it is important to take it according to the indications of the label and of your doctor.

If a pregnant woman takes too much of it, she could end up with kidney or liver damage and it is also possible for the medication to harm the baby.

As a warning, the medications shouldn’t be taken for more than 10 days in a row and even during this time it could turn out to be harmful.

Just as in any other case regarding pregnancy, it is important to take it moderately. It is safe to take it from time to time to make you feel better.

Nonetheless the best thing you could do regarding having Tylenol during pregnancy is to talk to your doctor before you start taking any kind of medication. He or she can tell you what kind of Tylenol is safe to take in your condition for the baby to be safe.


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