Using Tylenol PM and Pregnancy Tylenol During Pregnancy

During your pregnancy you should avoid taking medication, no matter what kind of medication we are talking about.

If you are interested in Tylenol PM and pregnancy you should know that according to the studies that were conducted in this field, the medication seems to be safe during pregnancy.

Tylenol PM and Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Tylenol PM use

The medication is used as sleep aid by people with minor pains and aches, such as headache or muscle ache. You should take it before bedtime. Make sure that you only use small doses and only from time to time. If you don’t have any aches or pains, use a simple sleep aid instead.


In case you are thinking about taking Tylenol when being pregnant you should know that it comes in geltap, gelcap and tablet forms. They contain 25 mg diphenhydramine and 500 mg of acetaminophen. This is an over the counter medication that is used for fever and pain control.

On the other hand, when considering taking Tylenol while being pregnant you should know that diphenhydramine is also the active ingredient of Benadryl. This is an antihistamine that you can get over the counter. It could have side effects such as drowsiness.

Doses of Tylenol for pregnant women

If you just want to get some sleep, you should take the minimum dose. Most probably one tablet will be enough. You should never take more than the maximum dose, especially when you are pregnant. Don’t take another dose during the night, not even if you didn’t manage to fall asleep.


When thinking about taking Tylenol during pregnancy you should know that people usually notice the effects for 4-6 hours. Be careful because it is possible that you will feel groggy when you wake up. The pregnancy affects the way your body metabolizes the drugs, so you will feel the effects for a longer period of time.

Side effects

The truth about pregnant women’s Tylenol is that grogginess is both your goal and a side effect. If you take the medication you shouldn’t drive for at least 8 hours. Also be careful if you have to use the stairs because your balance might be affected and you can trip or fall.

In the same time, if you are thinking about Tylenol and pregnant women, remember not to use any sharp tools. This is because you may not be alert enough and you may not take into consideration the safety rules. Diphenhydramine could make chronic bronchitis, emphysema and glaucoma worse.


The truth about pregnant women and Tylenol use is that there was a lot of research done because acetaminophen is known to be able to cross the placenta. No matter what the doctor recommends, it is the job of the mother to weigh the risks and benefits and to reach a decision.

The answer to the question “is Tylenol PM safe during pregnancy” is that in small doses the medication is safe but it shouldn’t be taken too often. Naturally it is best to stay clear of all medication.


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