Is it safe to use mobile phones during pregnancy?

Mobile phones are widely used from 1990s, using mobile phones for long time can lead to many negative health effects like increased stress levels, male infertility, sleeplessness, etc. But we all have a question in mind; can a pregnant women use mobile phone? Is it safe for mother and child?A study has been done, which suggests that the risk to your health or your baby’s health is not that serious when used for short term. But prolonged use of mobile phones can affect the baby’s behavioural problems, like hyperactivity during childhood.

Mobile Phones and Radiation

All mobile phones emit low levels of radio waves called as non-ionising electromagnetic radiation. Just like every other electronic devices, example computer, microwave, television, etc. The Non-ionising radiation is milder than the ionising radiation, which is emitted by radiation therapy machines, X-rays and CT scans. Researchers suggest that non-ionising electromagnetic radiation is unlikely to harm an unborn baby. Each mobile phone is rated according to the levels of radiation that it producing. This rating is called the SAR (specific absorption rate) value. The SAR value will help you in knowing how many radiations your body is absorbed when you are using your mobile phones.

Is it safe to use mobile phones during pregnancy?

Tips to reduce Mobile Phone Usage during pregnancy

Everyone of us depend on the mobile phones every day. It is little difficult us to be without them. Do not worry; here are few simple tips which can reduce your mobile phone exposure and keep your unborn baby safe.

  • Always choose for alternate sources, use them as little as possible.
  • Instead of calling from your mobile phone, use landline or send a text message.
  • Keep your calls for short duration.
  • Find a location where there are strong signals before making a call.
  • Use ear phones or any hands free kit, to reduce SAR near to you.
  • Put your mobile phone away from you if they are not in use.
  • Avoid carrying mobile phone in your body, because they are close to your body and the radiations may affect the child’s health.
  • If you have a habit of keeping mobile phone under the pillow while sleeping. Avoid that and place it at least few feet’s away from your bed.
  • In an emergency to use mobile phone, use your left ear and avoid using right ear, as it makes our brain more prone to mobile radiations.

Mobile phone use during pregnancy

Prolonged use of mobile phones can have adverse effects on unborn baby. There are many researches which tell you about effects of radiations from various electronic devices.

  • There is no proper study on how the phone radiations affect on unborn baby’s DNA and different body cells.
  • But there is a co-relation between the mobile phone radiations and physiological or neurological disorders or behaviour changes in a child.
  • According to WHO Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) magnetic field exposure with little evidence have reported to increase miscarriage risk.
  • Along with these it also have many other health problems like infertility in male, brain damage, improper immunity, skin problems, effect on skin and joints.

Though, using mobile phones may or may not affect your unborn baby. But, it is safe to stay away from electronic devices and reduce unwanted stress, because nothing is important than a healthy and happy baby.


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