What Is the Basal Body Temperature Thyroid Test?

If you have a thyroid test that says your hormone levels are normal, but you still experience the symptoms of hypothyroidism, you could try the basal body temperature thyroid test.

Another thing that you should consider trying is avoiding the foods that induce the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Basal Body Temperature Thyroid Test

Information about the thyroid test with basal body temperature

All women should know that the activity of the thyroid gland is directly linked to the body temperature. Normally the body temperature should be of 37 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is above or below this, it means that the chemical messages cannot be understood by the receptors           .

What to do?

In case you are thinking about the thyroid test using the basal body temperature you will need a digital thermometer for precision, a pen, a chart to track your temperature and a stopwatch. You should have all these items close to your bed, so you won’t have to get up in the morning to get them.

Get it started

In order to have the basal body temperature thyroid test, when you wake up in the morning you should move as little as possible and place the thermometer under the arm pit. Keep it there for about 10 minutes. You should try to stay as still as you can.

The basal body temperature for thyroid test can be checked after ten minutes. Record the results on your chart. Repeat the process for at least 5-6 days. Then calculate an average of the temperatures that you got. This temperature shouldn’t be lower than 36.8 degrees Celsius.

What does the basal body temperature thyroid test mean?

If your average temperature is lower than this value it means that you might be facing hypothyroidism. Even if you had a test that came back negative, these results could make you go back and take the test again. It is possible that your results will be within the normal range but below midpoint.

In order for the test for thyroid with basal body temperature to work, you should do it as far from your period as possible. It is best if you start recording your body temperature starting with the second day of your menstrual period.

The basal body temperature thyroid test can be used as an alternative way of testing if you think that there is something wrong with you but the doctors say that everything’s fine.


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