What Is the Uterus Evolution During Pregnancy?

In case you are asking what is the uterus evolution during pregnancy you should know that the majority of women don’t even notice the existence of their uterus until they get pregnant.

This is the time when everything in their world starts revolving around their uterus.

What Is the Uterus Evolution During Pregnancy

What happens during the evolution of the uterus when being pregnant?

When a woman gets pregnant, her uterus starts growing upwards, towards the pelvis of the woman. During an exam the uterus’ top can be felt by your doctor or nurse. Around the 24th week of pregnant the myometrium muscles begin to stretch upwards and they form a thicker upper segment for the uterus.

The lower segment gets separated during the uterus’ evolution while being pregnant and it has the job of absorbing the cervix when it dilates during childbirth. The lower segment’s muscles encircle the uterus. This is made of a layer of weaker muscles and it has a lower blood supply than the upper segment.

Weeks 6-16

In this time the evolution of the pregnancy uterus means that the uterus muscles grow in order to accommodate the growing baby. As the pregnancy progresses it is normal for the women’s uterus to lean to the right side of women. Naturally the ligaments don’t allow it to change its place.

The ligaments are also important when asking “what is the uterus evolution during pregnancy?” These stretch as the time goes by and they work as anchors to stabilize the uterus. As a result it becomes easier for the baby to move inside the uterus.

Because the ligaments have to work this much during the pregnancy uterus’ evolution, it is common for pregnant women to experience pain in the groin. The pain gets worse if women make sudden movements, like sneezing or coughing. This is the time to really take good care of your uterus.

Now that you know what is the uterus evolution during pregnancy you can see that the job of this organ isn’t very simple during pregnancy even if you think that most of the time it doesn’t do anything.


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