What Do Pregnancy Dreams Mean?

Many women think about dreams and pregnancy because they observe that during this period their dreams are more vivid.

What do pregnancy dreams mean? Keep in mind that the dreams reflect the emotional state of people and during pregnancy women go through an emotional rollercoaster so it is no wonder that they have crazy dreams.

Pregnancy DreamsInformation about dreams

These emotional ups and downs that you are affected by may be caused by the pregnancy hormone progesterone.

If you remember your dreams better than you did before, you should know that this is another effect of pregnancy. The majority of the people remember only few of their dreams even if they are dreaming all night.

Nonetheless the pregnant women often wake up during the night because of the trips to the toilet and they are also affected by anxiety and some other kinds of pregnancy sleep disturbances.

The meaning of the pregnancy dreams

Some of the specialists say that these dreams are a mirror of the excitement, apprehension and fear that women feel during their pregnancy.

These are caused by the physical and emotional changes that they have to go through. In the majority of the cases during each stage of the pregnancy the dreams have a certain theme.

The first trimester

Since in the majority of the cases women don’t really know about how childbirth is going to be, this is one of the themes that their dreams could have. In case you are dreaming about having an older child while being pregnant that could threaten the little one it may mean that you are anxious about this new situation.

As you can see the dreams while being pregnant aren’t total rubbish as some people think, but they show you the feelings you aren’t aware of having or that you are denying.


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