What to Expect in Early Pregnancy?

What to expect in early pregnancy? For sure there are some symptoms that pop into your mind, like late period or morning sickness.

These are certain pregnancy symptoms, but there are also some that aren’t as obvious as these are. There are some that are somewhat misleading.

Expect in Early PregnancyMorning sickness

This symptom appears during the 6th week of pregnancy and it affects 75% of all pregnant women. Usually it manifests as nausea and vomiting.

These could be triggered by certain smells or tastes. Although it is called morning sickness, you should know that it could last during the entire day.

In order to keep nausea at bay it may be a good idea to have some high protein snack before going to bed, during the night or before getting out of bed.

In some cases the acupressure bands can also help. Their main point is to put pressure on given points of the arm.


This is another common symptom experienced during the early stages of pregnancy.

Although it is uncomfortable not to be able to keep your eyes open, it is normal to experience such feeling. In order to get rid of the symptom you should rest whenever you have the possibility and shouldn’t have any caffeine.

Sore breasts

Breast tenderness is another common symptom and the only advantage in this case is that you may get more pleasure during sexual activities. The sign is caused by pregnancy hormones, more precisely progesterone. In order to make the pain better you should make sure to have a supportive bra.

Frequent urination

Since the uterus has to grow to offer more space to the baby, it will put more pressure on the bladder. This, plus the increased fluid volume are the reason for the appearance of this symptom of pregnancy during the early stages.


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