Why Do Pregnant Women Throw Up?

If you are thinking about the reason why do pregnant women throw up for sure you are thinking about morning sickness that about 75% of all women are affected by.

This symptom usually appears 8 weeks after your last period. The intensity of the symptom varies from one woman to the other.

Pregnant Women Throw Up

Information about nausea and vomiting

The bad news is that the specialists don’t really know the exact cause of the symptom. The available evidence shows that one of the reasons might be the change in the hormonal levels. Because of these the relaxation and contraction patterns of the muscles changes in the intestine and the stomach.

Because of this phenomenon, women are affected by nausea and vomiting. The specialists believe that the women pregnant with multiples are more prone to be affected by morning sickness. The hormones that are associated with the symptom include hCG, estrogen and progesterone.

The causes of pregnant women throwing up may also have something to do with excess thyroid hormone. In the same time serotonin could also be involved because it is said to affect the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system.

According to the researches that have been conducted in this field, the blood sugar level may also increase or decrease the intensity of morning sickness. It is believed that the women who have been taking birth control pills and that have been affected by migraines are more likely to have morning sickness as well.

If there was someone in the family suffering from severe morning sickness, it is also possible for you to have to deal with this problem too. Besides all these it is also possible that the causes of pregnant women vomiting has something to do with the psychological experiences as well that they have to go through during pregnancy.


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