17 Week Pregnant? Determine The Developmental Changes Of Your Baby!

When you are 17 week pregnant, a lot of changes will take place in your baby. This is a rapid growth period.

During your 17 week pregnant, the baby weighs approximately four ounces and around five inches long from crown to rump.

It means the baby and placenta are almost equal in size or the baby weighs more than the placenta.

The fat deposits will start to form underneath your baby’s skin and by the time of delivery, the fat accounts for two to six percent of total body weight.

17 Week PregnantThis fat will help the baby to maintain body temperature and metabolism when born.

In this week, hair starts to grow on head, eyebrows, and eyelashes. The lungs start to exhale the amniotic fluid.

The heart of your baby starts to pump about 25 quarts a day. The circulatory system and urinary system are beginning to work.

The reflexes of the baby when you are 17 weeks pregnant are entirely functional as the baby starts to suck, swallow, and blinks. The movements of your baby become stronger and more frequent.

If you get abdominal x-ray, you can able to see your baby’s skeleton. The loud noises outside the uterus disturb your baby.

During this week, you may experience symptoms such as constipation, heartburn or indigestion, itching, headaches, breast changes, tenderness, fullness, and darkening of the areola, etc.

You can feel your baby’s first movements during this week. Your uterus will be about one-half to two inches from navel.

Due to increased blood volume, your secretions of body will increase. There is nothing to worry if you find runny nose or nasal congestion, increased sweating, or vaginal discharge as this is very common in women during 17 week pregnant. These secretions will go away after your delivery. Take rest as much as possible.

As the baby is in growing phase, there are chances of you gaining some weight. The average weight gain is between five to ten pounds. If this is your second pregnancy, weight gain is somewhat different.

In order to avoid dizzy, change positions slowly, particularly when you change from lying position to sitting position and also from sitting position to standing. Also when you feel lightheaded, lie down for a moment or sit down and lower your head for sometime.

It is recommended that during pregnancy, the pregnant women should not sleep on their back as by doing this, the growing uterus puts pressure on some important blood vessels. This pressure on blood vessels decreases the blood circulation to your baby and yourself.

It is better for you to sleep on your side with a pillow in between the knees, which helps your hips in good alignment. You also can feel comfortable by putting the pillow under your abdomen.

In your 17 week pregnant, make sure that you are getting enough protein (as per your caregiver) per day. Also, follow the directions, suggestions, and preventive measures that should be taken during your 17 week pregnant given by your health care provider.


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