18 Week Pregnant – One Of The Rapid Growing Weeks Of Pregnancy

When you are 18 week pregnant, your baby is almost half a pound and now the baby has human appearance and your baby measures 5-6 inches crown to rump. During this week, your baby will grow very rapidly.

At 18 week pregnant, the skin of your baby still remains transparent and pink. The baby can make facial expressions such as yawning and stretching and can also frown.

The retinas of the eyes are becoming sensitive to light. The ears start to stick out from the head.

During this week, your baby can differentiate the tastes between sweet and bitter as the taste buds are developing.

18 Week PregnantThe baby during this week can swallow, suck the thumb, and even get hiccups. If you notice to have jerky movements in your belly, do not worry. Feel that your baby may have hiccups.

The baby’s first bowel movement called meconium will collect within the bowel. Your baby can pump up to 25-30 quarts of blood per day now.

If you have baby boy in the uterus, the prostate gland starts to develop in this week.

The limbs of the baby are increasing and body length is reaching to head size.

The bones are continuing to ossify and pads have formed on the fingertips and toes by this week. The fingerprints are also developing. Fingers, arms, and legs can be flexed.

To assess the growth and development of the fetus, an ultrasound will be performed between 18th week and 22nd week. It also helps to verify the due date. If the baby is in right position, the ultrasound [Pregnancy Ultrasound] will also help to know the sex of your baby.

When you are 18 weeks pregnant, the symptoms such as breast changes, frequent urination, constipation, indigestion, itching, stretch marks, heartburn, headaches, etc. that you have experienced will continue.

Your uterus can be felt just below the navel. On an average, you may gain up to twelve pounds by now. A dark line that goes from your navel to the pubic bone will appear. This dark line is called as linea nigra.

You can feel the movement of your baby between 18 and 22 weeks. There will be changes in your skin and hair due to hormonal changes. You may find some uneven patches on your skin and your hair may become thicker or thinner.

Because your heart does not react as much as before, you may experience postural hypotension. This usually occurs when you change positions quickly, such as changing position from sitting to standing.

So, it is good for you to change positions slowly. Your heart needs to work 40-50 percent harder than normal.

When you are 18 week pregnant, it is difficult for you to get sleep as your body grows. You can try propping yourself with pillows, which helps in getting a comfortable sleeping position. Try doing pelvic tilts before going to bed and also urinate before sleeping.

During your 18 week pregnant, you may feel dizzy, lightheaded, or you may be fainted. Do not worry unless it is severe and frequent as this is common during pregnancy.


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