1st Trimester of Pregnancy – Learn about the Common Pregnancy Symptoms

If your pregnant for the first time, the initial days can show you many signs to scare your heart off; but don’t worry here is a complete guide on what symptoms you should expect during the first trimester of pregnancy and whether they are dangerous. During this emotional and exciting phase, you might have many questions on what is right and wrong, when you should call the doctor, what are the precaution areas etc.

symptoms of first trimester


This article will aid you greatly to learn all of these. Your body will show up many signs and symptoms of pregnancy, most of them are normal but some need prompt medical attention, be careful about those. Check the common symptoms for first trimester pregnancy –

1. Vaginal Bleeding / Spotting

You might wake up and find some wetness and spotting at the vagina; it can be dark red or brownish in colour – don’t worry that is normal. But if its heavy bleeding with bad cramping at lower abdomen, it can be an indicator of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. Doctors say the brighter red the bleeding is, the more it is a danger sign. You might be asked to do an immediate USG and blood test; thus consult your doctor as soon as possible.

2. Nausea and Vomiting

There are very few pregnant women who do not complain about this issue during pregnancy. However, for some this symptom is the worst during the first trimester though doctors say that it’s a sign of healthy pregnancy. If vomiting makes you dehydrated, you would need hospitalization.

Furthermore, these symptoms are also associated with dizziness, fatigues, weight loss, imbalance in electrolytes etc. Thus, make sure you have some light snacks before coming out of bed in morning, take small meals, no fried food and lots of water and fluid throughout the day.

3. High Body Temperature

Pregnancy means a warm body all the time; but if the fever is greater than 38 degrees Celsius or 101 degrees Fahrenheit it can be serious. This can be an indication of some internal infection that might affect the baby as well. Check if you have developed any rashes, joint pain or other symptoms like hazy vision etc. They can prompt about toxoplasma, cytomegalovirus (CMV), and parvovirus. This needs immediate medical consultation.

4. Itchy Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge will be a common sight throughout pregnancy; but it’s a matter of concern if it produces some itching irritation. This again indicates infections or may be sexually transmitted diseases, which is extremely harmful for the baby. Overcome your shyness and talk to the gynaecologist about this and see what treatment can be done to cure it.

5. Burning Sensation while Urination

Urinary tract infection and bladder issues are very common in the first trimester of pregnancy. You will feel a terrible burning sensation while urinating and feel the urge within seconds’ time. There are many safe medications to treat this problem; but if left un treated it can lead to serious consequences like infection, chronic illness, pre-term birth, and pre-term labor.

6. Paining Lower Limbs

The calf portion of your leg might be experiencing a nagging pain and heaviness. This is not a common symptom though and can trigger the occurrence of blood clots in the region. Excessive pain and swelling will indicate serious condition; this is also associated with severe headache. Meet your doctor immediately and get the right medication

During the first trimester, women who had complicated health conditions previously usually suffer more, like diabetes, thyroids, lupus, high blood pressure and asthma patients will have to be more careful about each and every developing symptom and keep reporting to the doctor. However, others with normal health can follow the list above and remain calm. Stress is the worst thing that should come in your pregnancy; the more you stay stress free, the lesser are your symptoms during any trimester.

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