2 Months Pregnant

— Trials and challenges for the brave future mom!

When 2 months pregnant, the large majority of women experience the pregnancy if not through feelings related to the future motherhood state, at least through fatigue and pregnancy nausea.

The hormonal environment the baby needs to grow, is affecting you visibly and subtle changes appear both physically and emotionally.

The most important thing you have to remember while two months pregnant is that this time of discomfort is temporary but also very unique in its essence. Your trials are in fact ensuring the first steps in shaping the life of your little one and if you look at them from this perspective you will go through them easier.

What to Expect When you are 2 Months Pregnant?

By now you surely had the confirmation of the pregnancy and if you are a smart future mom, you had your first pregnancy exam. Your doctor may advise you regarding certain blood tests and he or she will give you directions regarding pregnancy supplements and the type of folic acid.

The pregnancy symptoms will increase in frequency and intensity and you can expect to be overwhelmed by them during this second pregnancy month.

The risk of a miscarriage is still high when 2 months pregnant so you must be very careful with your health.

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2nd Month of Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Increasing Breast Size

When you are 2 month pregnant, your uterus will be growing but it is still situated behind the pubic bone so the pregnancy is not yet visible. However, your breasts are betraying your pregnancy state way before your belly shows. The breasts look fuller, are tender at touch, sometimes being painful to wear a bra.

Technically the breast’s structural architecture is changing all through the pregnancy and the pain you are feeling during this month may appear the next months too.

The nipples darken in color because of the hormonal change and the capillary structure becomes more visible because of the translucent skin.

2. Nausea and Related Digestive Issues

The infamous morning sickness has surely troubled you from the previous month. This symptom intensifies during the second month of pregnancy. Although this means that the pregnancy is going well, feeling sick 24/7 is not exactly pleasant.

Talk to your doctor about the issue because he or she can make recommendations that could alleviate the 2 months pregnant symptoms.

3. Insomnia and Exhaustion

You may feel increasingly tired and sleep may elude you despite your best efforts. The solution is to keep the fatique under control. You risk to become a couch potato instead of an active mommy; so the best way to handle the situation is to take short naps during the day and consider prenatal exercises that will help with your tonus.

4. Frequent Urination

Your trips to the bathroom are increasing in number during 2nd month of pregnancy. At the same time the bladder is under pressure and becomes irritated so you will need to pee every hour.

It is the time to practice the Kegel exercises which will help a lot in reducing the trips to the bathroom. In case the situation worsens and it is accompanied by fever and pain while urinating, notify your doctor because it is very likely for a urinary infection to appear.

5. Hipersalivation and Thirst

The composition of your saliva changes during pregnancy and you will start feeling a metallic taste in your mouth. The salivation can aggravate the morning sickness and the particular taste can be removed by chewing a gum or simply enjoying some ginger flavored candy.

The frequent urination will increase your thirst in second month. You must keep in mind that this happens because your body needs the extra fluids to create the amniotic environment in which your baby will grow.

Also drinking enough water will help the maternal kidney clean the blood flow of the mother and efficiently eliminate the organic waste resulted from the baby’s growth.

6. Constipation, Gas and Heartburn

These three pregnancy symptoms appear during 2 months pregnancy. To cope with constipation you must introduce fibers in your diet and most importantly, you must go whenever you feel like it (busy women tend to delay the moment especially if at work). Kegel exercises will help in this department too.

The same hormones responsible for causing the constipation are also causing bloating. The only solution is to eat slower and chew the food very well. Also avoid greasy food and carbonated drinks and try eating small meals several times during the days to ease the digestion.

The hormones will start causing heartburn during second pregnancy month. Because the digestion is slowed down, the stomach acids make themselves know more often so staying away from spice, salty and fried food is the best way to go.

2 Months Pregnant and Baby Evolution

The embryo keeps on growing and while you are two months pregnant it will change its shape from one looking like a little alien to one closer to the natural shape you expect a baby to have. All organs have started to form and began their primitive function. The heart is almost completely developed and it beats with 150 beats/minute.

The central nervous system and the medullar tissues are developing and the embryo’s brain is already functioning since the brain waves can be registered during the 2 month pregnancy.

The arms and legs appear in the form of buds and the first signs of teeth appear. The eyes and ears are clearly visible but not the mouth.

The embryo’s head is larger than the rest of the body and during this month the muscle mass is starting to develop in order to support the future movements of the baby.

By the end of this month the embryo “graduates” to the status of fetus.

Mother’s Responsibilities in 2 Months Pregnancy

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1. Doctor’s Appointment

In two months pregnancy, your doctor will give you a physical checkup and also recommend you the specific blood analysis you will have to take.

These include the blood type, blood sugar, antibodies, Chlamydia, the standard liver and kidney analysis, blood pressure and ultrasound.

2. Avoiding Stress

The doctor will not necessarily tell you this, but the way you handle stress has a direct impact over the baby’s development.

The mood swings and emotional pressure you will continue to experience when 2 months pregnant must be kept under control because anything you feel influences the baby’s development.

3. Mandatory Diet

Keep in mind that starting with the 2 month pregnancy, the quality of your meals should prevail over the quantity. Continue with the smart diet, try and consume fresh fruit and veggies rich in fiber, stay away from highly processed food and read the label on all products that catch your eye at the market.

The folic acid supplements are mandatory because they support the development of baby’s neural tube. Also don’t forget the prenatal vitamins.

4. Prenatal Workout Rules

An active future mommy is a healthy future mommy, not to mention that the quality of your pregnancy months is strictly related to how active you are.

When you are 2 months pregnant, choosing the right prenatal workout can help a lot with alleviating the unpleasant symptoms you are experiencing.

Here are a few pluses you should consider:

  • The pregnancy workout increases your self-confidence and decreases anxiety and prenatal depression.
  • A proper workout plan will keep your pregnancy weight gain constant and healthy.
  • Pregnancy yoga eases the discomfort that you will experience in the coming months.
  • Pregnancy workouts reduce the chances of undergoing a C section and make the delivery easier and more efficient.

Want to know what happens next month? Here’s what to expect when you are 3 months pregnant.

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