2nd Trimester Pregnancy Facts

One of the most important 2nd trimester pregnancy facts is that this is the time when women start showing their pregnancy and they start wearing pregnancy clothes. The good news is that in this period women feel better about themselves and the most annoying symptoms of the first trimester disappear.

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Facts

Physiology and facts about the 2nd trimester pregnancy

It is a known fact that the uterus is a muscular organ that nourishes the fetus. During this trimester it can increase in size twenty times. Women should know that the baby can reach two pounds at this stage and at the end of this stage the baby is already twelve inches long.

It is interesting to know about the pregnancy facts of the 2nd trimester that the top of the uterus is located between the pubic bone and the belly button, at halfway. This is the time when one of the most expected changes occur – mothers start to feel the movements of the baby.

What happens to you?

In case you are interested in the 2nd trimester pregnancy facts you should know that the abdomen expands in this period. As a result the skin on the breasts and on the tummy will tighten and it could also become itchy. In many cases, women experience round ligament pain.

When it comes to the truth about the 2nd trimester pregnancy it is good to know that round ligament pain involves a pulling sensation in the abdomen that can range from mild to severe. Women often say that they seem to have a bigger appetite than before.

Common symptoms

You may hear about the 2nd trimester pregnancy facts that the common symptoms include dizziness, heartburn, swelling of the hands, face and ankles and also back pain. On the bright side, however, the discomforts are minor and they are easy to manage.


The women interested in the second trimester pregnancy facts ought to know that during this stage, women are on an emotional rollercoaster. Although the majority of women feel strong and confident, others start to doubt themselves and they start having problems with low self-esteem.

You could turn to books to learn more about the 2nd trimester pregnancy facts, but it might be even better to talk to women who already have children and who have gone through the same experiences that you are facing at the moment and who can offer you some insight.


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