3 Months Pregnant

— More interesting changes for the mother-to-be!

The good thing about being 3 months pregnant is that you are already past the most vulnerable period of your pregnancy.

This is because the risks of having a miscarriage have decreased by this time.A lot of women wait for this moment to share the big news with family and friends.

Although it is an exciting period, make sure that you don’t get too anxious about it because it could harm both, you and the baby. In this period you have to realize that your pregnancy is real, and it might be the time to think about finances as well.

What to Expect When you are Three Months Pregnant?

3 Months Pregnant Pictures

Most likely the past period has been quite hectic, but when you reach the 3 month pregnancy you will start feeling like your old self. It is to be expected for you to gain weight, and in some cases this could be up to 5 pounds. It is not a must to get the maternity clothes already, but most probably they are more comfortable than your old clothes.

You may think that the maternity clothes are frumpy, but if you look around you will find that there are numerous styles to choose from, and for sure you will find some that you like.

3rd Month of Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Your Skin

Some of the physical changes that you will see involve your skin. Most probably it will become a bit thickened and it is also common to experience the first signs of stretch marks. These appear because your belly is growing, and the skin isn’t elastic enough to allow this growth; so the tissue will become somewhat damaged. At the beginning these marks could be red or purple, but with time their color will become less noticeable.

2. Your Gums

It is common for women in their third month of pregnancy to see that their gums have softened. Although this isn’t a problem on its own, you have to be careful while brushing your teeth, because you could bruise the gums and they could bleed.

3. Swollen Neck

Because of the hormonal changes that your body is going through, the thyroidal glands could get swollen. As a result your neck will seem swollen. You shouldn’t be alarmed; this is a natural symptom and you don’t have mumps or any other condition.

4. Breast Growth

Most probably you experienced some breast tenderness before as well. The breasts will still feel soft and big, but usually women don’t experience pain anymore.

5. Sense of Smell

It is a well-known fact that three months pregnant women are sensitive when it comes to odors and smells. It is even possible that some of these odors will simply make you throw up. Make sure that you don’t go to places that have smells that bother you.

6. Nosebleeds

Although this is a symptom of the 3rd month of pregnancy that could be alarming, keep in mind that the nosebleeds appear because the blood volume of your body increases. Nonetheless, if you have excessive nosebleeds, make sure that you pay your health care provider a visit.

7. Frequent Urination

When you are 3 months pregnant, you will experience a shift in your pelvis. This is because the uterus is getting bigger to make more place for the fetus. The uterus will be pushing against your bladder, and this is why you will have to make more frequent visits to the toilet.

8. Food Cravings

Food cravings aren’t new when you get to this period because for sure you have experienced them before as well. This means that you may find yourself craving for kinds of foods that you never even liked before.

Although you could have a bit of those foods, make sure that you don’t eat too much. It’s not true that you have to eat for two, even more, during this period you shouldn’t have a bigger calorie intake than you did before you got pregnant.

9. Mood Swings

Your hormones do a lot to you when you are pregnant, and one of the most annoying 3 months pregnant symptoms that they cause include mood swings. Although it is quite bothersome, keep in mind that it is just a phase that you have to go through and soon you won’t experience them anymore.

10. Your Hormones

Besides the symptoms that have been mentioned before, you could also experience headaches, nausea and in some cases even dizziness.

3 Months Pregnant and Baby Evolution

Three Months Pregnant PicturesThere is a great deal of physical development that the fetus experiences during this period. He or she has the nose and mouth formed.

Also the legs and arms start to grow at a fast pace, and the fingers and toes develop too. He or she starts looking more like a real human, having the eyes formed as well.

The organs are shaping, and even more, some of them even start to function. An interesting thing to know is that at the end of 3 month pregnancy, the little one will be able to swallow.

Although during the first trimester the little one can move its limbs, it will be a while before you can actually feel the baby kick. The sex organs have also formed, but you have to wait a bit more to find out about the gender of the baby.

Mother’s Responsibilities in 3 Months Pregnancy

When you reach 3rd month of pregnancy, majority of women are aware of their condition, and this is why there are some responsibilities that they have to think about.

  • This is the time when the bones of the baby are hardening, and this is why it is important to consume foods that are rich in calcium.
  • It is normal for women to feel anxious about the new situation and wonder whether they are going to be good parents. Nonetheless you shouldn’t get stressed about it, because you could do harm to the little one.
  • Take a childbirth class to know what to expect and maybe this way you will be less stressed about giving birth and being a parent.

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photo credit: www.abc.net.au


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