3rd Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

In case you are thinking about the 3rd trimester pregnancy symptoms, it means that you are close to the end of your pregnancy. However the bad news is that this might be the most challenging period for you. There won’t be many new symptoms, but the old ones could get worse than before.

3rd Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms


Since you have to carry around all that extra weight, it is just normal for it to put more pressure on your back. It is also possible to experience some discomfort in your hips and your pelvis because they start to loosen as part of their preparation for childbirth.

It is a good idea to sleep on your side at nights with a pillow between the knees.


If you are interested in the 3rd trimester pregnancy signs keep in mind that if you notice bleeding, it might be the sign of a serious problem, such as placenta previa, preterm labor or placental abruption. In case you notice any bleeding, the best thing you could do is to call your doctor at once.

Braxton Hicks contractions

This is the time when women experience this one of the 3rd trimester pregnancy symptoms. These are mild contractions also known as ‘exercise contractions’. Usually they aren’t as intense as the labor contractions. The most important difference is that the real contractions will get closer together while the Braxton Hicks contractions won’t.

Breast enlargement

When it comes to the pregnancy signs of the 3rd trimester you may already know that you can expect some breast enlargement. Make sure that you are wearing a supportive bra so that you won’t have backaches because of it. It is possible to see some colostrum leaking from the breasts as childbirth draws closer.


The women interested in the 3rd trimester pregnancy symptoms most probably know that it is normal to notice more vaginal discharge during the last trimester. If it is heavy and it soaks through the panties, you should let your doctor know. It is also possible to notice the mucus plug that sealed the cervix until this point.


You may remember how energetic you were in the second trimester, but when the 3rd trimester pregnancy symptoms hit, you will feel like you have very little energy. Make sure that you have a healthy diet and make some time to exercise a bit on a daily basis.


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