Activities To Avoid During First Trimester Of Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, good physical fitness is essential for your body and mind, but you should be very careful that you will not cross the limit.

Physical activity and exercises makes your delivery easier and also makes child care less tiring for you.

However there are some restrictions that you have to follow during pregnancy. Some of the most common physical activities that you should avoid include

Don’t start new exercise routine

Usually for pregnant women, it is not recommended to begin new exercise routine, particularly during first trimester because overheating of body can have effect on fetus development.

Avoid activities that cause physical harm

Activities To Avoid During First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Any type of physical activity that can possibly put you at risk of physical harm is not recommended. Skiing, horseback riding, kayaking and all other extreme sports are obvious no’s for pregnant women.

Avoid activities that involve high altitudes

Activities such as mountain climbing, skydiving, rock climbing, etc involve high altitudes and they should be essentially avoided by pregnant women.

This is because of the reason that high altitudes alters the oxygen level in your body and possibly triggers premature childbirth.

Stay away from rides at fairs

During first trimester of your pregnancy, there is a risk of damage to your womb due to sudden jerks and stops. As a result it can put you at risk of miscarriages.

In order to avoid all odd consequences and complications in pregnancy, stay away from all these activities and enjoy healthy pregnancy.


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