Considering the Issue of Bleeding During First Trimester

Although some people say that it is normal to experience bleeding during the first trimester, if women notice any bleeding during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy for sure they will see an obstetrician about it. Until the doctor doesn’t find a non-threatening cause, it is considered to be threatening.

Bleeding During First Trimester

Cervicitis and first trimester bleeding

Cervicitis refers to the bleeding of the cervix because of a mechanical action, the fluctuations of acidity of the vagina or an infection of the cells. This problem is usually caused by two main factors: ectopy and some kind of infection.


This cause of bleeding when being in the first trimester is caused by the hormonal changes. It means that the sensitive cells peek out into the external parts of the cervix and this is a harsh environment for them. While these cells are normally protected, in this case they can be battled both mechanically and chemically.

If something happens to them, you can experience bleeding during the first trimester. You don’t have to expect a lot of bleeding; we are referring to spotting only. We have to note that in normal circumstances these cells don’t bleed because of sexual intercourse.


Cervicitis can also cause bleeding while being in the first trimester if there is an infection. In the majority of the cases the cause of the problem is a yeast infection. This is easy to treat with over-the-counter creams or medications. You should be more worried in case of other infections.

STDs can also lead to bleeding during the first trimester. This is why it is important to make sure that the doctors can rule out chlamydia, gonorrhea, gardnerella and trichonomas. In some cases the infections are silent for years. This means that the couple may have contracted it even before they met.

Cervical polyps

Although you may have a small and harmless polyp, it could still lead to spotting during the first trimester. These actually are overgrowths of benign tissue. Most probably the growth is caused by the elevated levels of estrogen. The polyps can be removed through a routine procedure.

If this is the cause of the bleeding during the first trimester then you should know that the polyps will be destroyed during childbirth. If you don’t want to worry you should get the problem checked out. It is best to get it off so that you won’t need extra tests.

Subchorionic hemorrhage

Although this sounds a bit scary, this isn’t such a serious cause of spotting while being in first trimester. Actually it refers to a small blood clot that leads to bleeding but that dissolves on its own. Only rarely it happens for the clot to dissect between the attachment between the mother and the placenta causing a miscarriage.

Now you know more about the bleeding during the first trimester. You should also know that there are some natural causes that lead to bleeding that don’t represent any threat to the health or development of the little one or of the mother.


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