Determine The Developmental Changes At 24 Week Pregnant!

Feel happy that you are 24 week pregnant, as your baby is formed almost completely.

During this period, your uterus starts to extend the navel. By seeing you, everyone can say that you are pregnant now.

At your 24 week pregnant, the baby weighs approximately 1.5 pounds and almost one foot long from crown to rump.

Your baby is continuing to deposit the brown fat on the body in order to regulate body temperature, as newborns cannot regulate enough body temperature at first. The baby continues to gain weight in muscles and organs develop during this week.

24 Week PregnantWhen you are 24 weeks pregnant, the growth of your baby slows down. However, the digestive system of your baby continues to mature. Vernix caseosa, a waxy and creamy substance produced by oil glands of baby, protects the skin of your baby from amniotic fluid.

In twenty-fourth week, changes in lung development take place and buds for teeth start to form in this week.

If you are 24 week pregnant, you can identify your baby’s movements and you can say the wake/sleep timings of your baby.

At the same point, during 24 week pregnant, there are chances of having premature labor in some women. So, it is important for you to identify the signs of premature labor.

Premature labor occurs sometimes from vaginal infection. Call your health care professional if you have vaginal discharge.

Also inform to your caregiver if you have any signs such as contractions of more than five in an hour, preeclampsia, blood or watery fluid from vagina, intense pelvic pressure, low backache, etc.

In some women, premature labor occurs commonly during summer months due to dehydration. So, during summer months, it is good for you to drink lots of water.

In twenty-fourth week as there are chances of having premature labor, you need to be alert and have regular checkups with your doctor.

Week 24 is actually considered as the period of viability. It means even if you have a baby born at your 24 week pregnant, there are some chances of survival, but your baby needs to be in intensive care for many months.

The main problem with the premature babies would be lung development (lungs start secreting surfactant in twenty-sixth week), but as the changes are taking place in lung development, some babies will survive.

The babies who are born premature will need to be in intensive care unit until the official due date as these babies are born with some disabilities.

At your 24 week pregnant, you may experience symptoms such as itching, hemorrhoids, constipation, heartburn, headaches, etc.

During your regular checkups with your doctor, you will be continually measured for fundal height and weight.

Your doctor will order glucose tolerance test between twenty-four and twenty-six weeks to see if you have any gestational diabetes, which is very common during pregnancy and also sometimes checks your cervix to check for any premature labor symptoms.

Thus, follow your doctor suggestions in order to avoid premature labor during 24 week pregnant.


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