The Embryonic Development During the First Trimester

One of the most interesting things that pregnant women can think about regarding their pregnancy is embryonic development. After the sperm fertilizes the egg, this gets implanted in the lining of the uterus and there the embryo will develop. After the embryonic stage the baby is known as a fetus.

First month of the development of the embryo

During this period the amniotic sac also develops. This is a tight sac filled with fluid that develops around the embryo. This will cushion and nourish the baby during the entire pregnancy. At this point the placenta also develops. This is a flat and round organ that makes it possible for the mother to pass the nutrients to the baby.

Embryonic DevelopmentIn the same time during this stage of the embryo development the placenta also transfers the waste products of the baby. At the early stages the embryo develops a primitive face with dark spots instead of the eyes. This is the time when the lower jaw, mouth and throat develop.

In the same time during the growth of the embryo the red blood cells also get shape and during the first trimester the circulation begins. At the first month’s end the embryo is about 6-7 mm long, of about the size of a rice grain. The embryo also has something that looks very much like a tail.

The second month of pregnancy and the stages of embryonic development

During this month the facial features of the baby continue their development. The ears also appear as small skin folds at the sides of the head. There are also four tiny buds that will turn into the legs and arms. In the second month the toes, fingers and eyes also get shape.

During this stage of the embryo’s development the neural tube is already well developed. This makes up the spinal cord, the brain and other tissues that form the nervous system. The sensory organs also start to develop, as well as the digestive tract.

Until this moment of the embryonic development, the baby only had cartilages, but now these are replaced by bones. The little one starts to move, but this movement isn’t felt by the mother yet. At this stage the baby is 2.54 cm long, and weighs 9.45 g.

Third month and the embryo’s development

The good news is that by the end of this month the baby will be already formed. The little one already has arms, fingers, hands, feet and toes. You should also know that he or she can already close the fists and the mouth. The toenails and fingernails also appear and the outer ears are developed too.

Believe it or not, at this stage of embryo development the teeth of the little one already start to take shape. Although the sex organs already started their development, the doctors can’t tell the parents the sex of the baby yet.

It is really interesting for the parents to find out about the stages of embryonic development of the little one and ultrasounds during this period may look extremely amazing.


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