Fetal Development Week By Week

The early signs of pregnancy differ greatly from one woman to another woman.

While one woman may be laid low by extreme nausea and long durations of morning sickness; other woman sail through pregnancy with barely any discomfort; however there can be said to be some predictable early signs of pregnancy and fetal development week by week is usually as follows:
fetal development week by week

  • The first week of pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last period. This is known as the LMP (Last Monthly Period).
  • Week 2 is when your uterine lining thickens in preparation to receive a fertilized egg.
  • Week 3 is after the conception has occurred and the when the fertilized egg implants itself into the lining of the uterus. Implantation bleeding could happen during this time.
  • Week 4 is the first time you would get an accurate result of a positive pregnancy test. The gestational sac has formed, as has the yolk sac to nourish the tiny baby until formation of the placenta.
  • Feeling tired, breast soreness, frequent urination, and all early signs of pregnancy may be felt now.
  • Nausea is getting worse now; nipples darken. Baby is about 4 to 6 mm.
  • Acne could be another early signs of pregnancy.
  • Baby is about 8 to 11 mm and the gonads will develop into testes or ovaries at this stage.
  • Stuffy nose and cold symptoms are common problems you face when you are 9 weeks pregnant.
  • At about 10 weeks you could start to experience the first visible pregnancy tummy.
  • At 11 weeks, pay special attention to weight gain. Eat healthy. You need a few extra calories but you are not eating for two, whatever the old wives tales say.
  • The placenta is fully functional now.
  • You can now hear the baby’s heartbeat through the Doppler.
  • When you are 14 weeks pregnant, you will enter into second trimester; many of the early signs of pregnancy will ease by now.
  • Your heart pumps 20% more blood and the baby is about 70 grams.
  • Some women can feel the baby move as early as 16 weeks; some not till much later.
  • Vaginal discharge may have increased at this stage.
  • Your belly is now starting to get in the way; sleeping may become a little difficult.
  • The baby now weighs about 8 ounces.
  • The halfway mark and your belly button have probably flattened by now.
  • Think about baby names; birthing classes etc.
  • You may be having the best sex of your life right now. On the other hand you may be completely averse to it!
  • The baby is now about half a kilo.
  • You can probably tell when your baby is sleeping and when awake.
  • Plan the nursery, do some baby shopping about now.
  • When you are 26 weeks pregnant, dad-to-be can probably even feel baby move by now!
  • Baby weighs a couple of pounds now and you are considerably bigger!
  • The third trimester begins now.
  • You are starting to feel the discomforts which are the later signs of pregnancy.
  • You may be feeling Braxton Hicks (practice) contractions by now.
  • Leg cramps and heartburn are de rigueur about now.
  • The baby is at its most active state now.
  • The baby may startle at a sudden loud noise.
  • The baby is 2 kg now and is about 17 inches in length.
  • The discomforts are many now and you are waiting for baby to make an appearance.
  • Most babies have settled into the head down position now.
  • Baby is practicing breathing now.
  • The baby is settling into the pelvis in readiness for birth now.
  • Practice changing diapers now!
  • Baby not there yet? Only 4% women deliver on their actual due date, so not to worry! Just make sure your due date was not miscalculated and remain prepared!


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