6 Top Gift Ideas on Baby Shower for Dads

There is no doubt that without a mother it is almost impossible to raise a child especially a newborn. But the role of a father is extremely important as well. Gone are the days when the father was only responsible of cuddling the child after work.

Today’s dads are hands on and they do everything from lapping the baby to sleep, making formula milk, cleaning the baby and taking them out for a stroll.

So if you have received an invitation to a baby shower, maybe you could increase your horizon on the gift front by considering the dad-to-be as a gift receiver. Here are some ideas that might help you to choose a gift for the new dad.

What can you gift a dad to be?

1. Tool Kit

tool kitPhoto Credit By: ttp-vctrading.com

A baby means new furniture and most of these come with instructions for assembly. Give him a tool kit so that he can easily assemble the furniture that his child needs.

2. Knee Pads

knee padsPhoto Credit By: cdn.firstcry.com

Now that you have made him the carpenter with the tool kit, realize that part of his time will be spent kneeling. Go for knee pads that will cushion his knees while he gets busy decorating the nursery for his new game partner or his princess!

3. Books for Parenting

parenting booksPhoto Credit By: huffingtonpost.com

Books about kids are always welcome. Not only do mothers need to be informed about the child and her well beings, but the dads should also be educated on this front.

4. Masculine Diaper Bag

masculine diaper bagPhoto Credit By: squidoo.com

Did you think that is was only the mother who carried a diaper bag while taking the baby out? Well, you are slightly wrong. The parks and the restaurants are filled with fathers who take their kids out. They also need a diaper bag. Opt for one and you can choose from quite a few options. Some look like messenger bags, some are cross body, and some have strollers. Most of them should have several compartments so that the fathers have everything handy and if it is padded, then all the better!

5. Innovative T shirts

innovative t shirtsPhoto Credit By: notonthehighstreet.com

Now that he has got a promotion in life and is on his way to become a dad from the carefree X-Box player, a new t-shirt with a ‘dad’ label should be good enough. You will find adorable ones in the stores in great colors. And if he is expecting a baby girl, do not shy away from the baby pink as that adds some extra charm to his personality!

6. Hospital Scrubs

hospital scrubsPhoto Credit By: kkh.com.sg

The delivery date is almost set and the dad to be is nervous. But he needs to be prepared to go into the labor room for moral support. Buy him a nice scrub so that he does not have to worry about what to wear when the day arrives.

During the entire term of pregnancy, the dads have to put up with the hormonal moms and all those months become oriented around the mother.

The years that follow are dedicated to the kids. But the father is equally special. It is time to make him feel that way. So go ahead and spoil him a little!


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