How To Maintain Your Health During Each Pregnancy Trimester?

Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. Each pregnancy trimester includes three months. The first trimester ranges from 0-12 weeks.

The second trimester starts from 12 weeks and completes at 24 weeks where as the third trimester ranges from 24 weeks to till the completion of pregnancy.

Each pregnancy trimester has its importance with major developmental changes.

The first trimester is the most flimsy stage where all major body organs and systems form. Even most of the birth defects and miscarriages happen in the first trimester of pregnancy.
Pregnancy Trimester

During the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, the fetus organs and structures forms completely and the fetus grows speedily.

The crucial part of pregnancy is to stay healthy by taking special care at each pregnancy trimester, as it helps provide healthy baby and safe delivery.

During the first pregnancy trimester, your body undergoes several changes due to hormonal imbalance and you may experience various pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, frequent urination, constipation, dizziness, fatigue, sore breasts, and many more. So, it is essential to take proper care starting from the first trimester.

Maintain your health by eating healthy and nutritious diet during this trimester. Also, take small portions of meals frequently throughout the day to overcome the symptom of nausea.

Practice little exercises such as walking, swimming, cycling regularly, as these are the best activities during pregnancy trimesters.

Doing exercises for a little time helps tone your muscles and joints as well as improves blood circulation, which helps maintain a healthy body during pregnancy. [Pilates Pregnancy Exercises]

Taking lots of fluids is most essential at any pregnancy trimester. So, drink lots of water in order to avoid dehydration. Also, take rest as much as possible for a minimum of eight hours.

During the second pregnancy trimester, the symptoms of first trimester of pregnancy will start to decrease. It is easier stage than the first trimester. The development of baby will be speedy during this stage.

Prenatal care is also must during this trimester, which includes:

Yoga is best during this trimester. Continue performing light exercises (walking, swimming, etc) as per your doctor recommendations. [Pregnancy Yoga]

Keep maintaining a healthy nutritious diet throughout your pregnancy. Relaxation is as much important as in the first pregnancy trimester.

The third pregnancy trimester is very complicated and needs more care. During this pregnancy trimester, you will find major changes in your appearance. By the end of this trimester, your baby’s development has been completed and becomes ready to come out.

Headaches, back pain, indigestion and other related problems might develop during this third pregnancy trimester. To overcome these, continue the prenatal care:

Practicing deep breathing exercise reduces your labor pains as well as enhances a good supply of oxygen to your baby. Proper rest is must even in this pregnancy trimester. Also, continue taking balanced diet as well as doing light exercises that tones your pelvic muscles.

Avoid lifting heavy objects, standing for a long time, lying on your back. Always consult your doctor before taking primary decisions regarding your pregnancy.



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