Human Embryo Development Stages

The process of human embryo development is one of the most interesting and intriguing phenomenon on the planet and is a journey of its own. This beautiful journey of 9 months in which the embryo becomes a baby is often divided into stages which are separated week wise. The week by week growth of the embryo is not only important for an expectant mother to be informed about but also very vital from a gynecologist’s point of view. So here are the various human embryo development stages for all those who are interested:

Human Embryo Development Stages

First week:

The ovum, having being fertilized reaches the uterus and is about 3-4 days old.

Second week:

The ovum has taken considerable size and a definite form.

Third week:

The ovum now is strongly curved and divisions of the brain are visible.

Fifth week:

The embryo is less curved now and the head has become larger in size than before. The differentiation of the limbs also starts to take place.

Seventh and Eighth week:

The neck has lengthened during the seventh and the eighth weeks and the nose has become prominent now. By the end of the second month or the eighth week of pregnancy, the fetus measures somewhere around 28-30mm in length.

Third month:

The limbs are now quite well developed and the nails start appearing. Now it is possible to distinguish the sex of the baby. The length of the fetus along with its legs is now 9-10 cm.

Fourth month:

The hair begin to appear on the body and by the end of this month, the fetus is about 12-13 cm in length. But if the legs are also included then the length is 16-20 cm.

Fifth month:

In this month, the first movements of the fetus can be observed. The eruption of hair on the head starts and by the end of the month, the total length of the fetus is 25-27 cm.

Sixth month:

If the total length of the fetus is measured in this month, then it comes out to be around 30-32 cm.

Seventh month:

The eyelids are open now and the weight of the fetus now is above three pounds. The length of the fetus is somewhere around 35 cm.

Eighth month:

The skin takes a pinkish colour and the fetus takes a plump appearance. The length is about 40 cm.

Ninth month:

The length of the baby is now 50 cm and the weight is around 6-8 pounds.

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