7 Ways to Keep Busy During Last Trimester

You may pass through the first two trimesters of pregnancy easily or even with a slight difficulty but the last trimester is a time when you just cannot wait for the delivery and may run out of ways to keep yourself busy.

The last 8 weeks of pregnancy may be tough for many women but by doing certain activities, you can make these weeks bearable. The last leg to the finish line may be crawling for you but by following the given 7 ways, you can keep yourself busy during the last trimester:

keep busy during last trimesterHost a Garage Sale

To clear the house for making space for the arriving baby, you may have to get rid of several old furniture pieces. Rather than throwing away this stuff, you can host a garage sale. This will keep you engaged for atleast a little while and may also help you make some money. You can also consider selling online or make a Facebook Group or Page for the same.

Host a Gender Reveal Party

If you still haven’t revealed the gender of the baby to friends and family, then you can host a gender reveal party during the 3rd It’s a fun excuse to invite people you love home and will help you satisfy many of your third trimester food cravings. Try searching online for gender reveal party ideas.

Organize the Toy Room

Another way to keep yourself busy during the last trimester is to decorate and organize the toy room. If you cannot go shopping, buy stuff online and make room for the baby. Choose a theme and add in all the needed items.

Make a Week’s Worth of Freezer Meals

Another way to keep yourself occupied during the last trimester is by preparing a week’ worth of freezer items. This will help you in the upcoming week and will also double the supplies. Some items that you can freeze are lasagna, spinach and bean enchiladas and sweet and sour crockpot chicken.

Get a Vacation

Another great idea to spend your last few weeks of pregnancy is to get a vacation. A vacation will not only take your mind off the regular home activities but will also give you some alone time before the baby arrives. If you can’t take the flight, go on a road trip or book a hotel on the countryside.

Make a Post Baby Plan

It is important to make a post baby plan and the best time to do so is during the last 8 weeks of pregnancy. You must figure out the items you need to shop, if you will need a babysitter or not and how will you handle your job after the baby arrives. You can also get your hospital bag ready in advance.

Book a beauty day for yourself-another great idea to keep yourself engaged during the third trimester is to book yourself a beauty of a spa day. You can do this about a week before you are due.




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