Know The Progress Of Your Baby When You Are 6 Week Pregnant!

It is an exiting week for a woman who is 6 week pregnant.

Your baby’s first heartbeats have started in this week.

By this weekend, your baby will be about 4-5 mm from CR (crown to rump).

This week is the beginning of the embryonic period. This embryonic period continues for ten weeks.

This is a rapid growing week of your baby and in this week, most of the important growth takes place. The baby’s brain also starts to develop and the activity can be monitored by electroencephalogram.

6 Week PregnantThe embryo that started developing in three layers (ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm) during fifth week continues to grow in the sixth week.

In this sixth week, your baby will have head and trunk and the baby starts to develop facial features as indentation that will turn into eyes, ears, and mouth. The inner ear also starts to develop when you are 6 weeks pregnant.

The laryngotracheal groove develops and also the opening for the mouth and digestive system will begin to form.

During this period, bulging of the heart takes place as well as baby begins to have blood circulation. Upper and lower limb buds start to appear and the primordia of the pancreas, liver, stomach, and lungs.

If you have ultrasound when you are 6 week pregnant, the baby’s heartbeat is visible as the heart is bulging and transvaginal ultrasound shows up to eighty-six percent of heart motion and hundred percent yolk sacs.

In this week, you will need to take care of yourself as you have chances of having miscarriage. You may find many changes in your body.

The size of the uterus will be changed and also you will notice changes in your breasts. The changes in breasts include tingling sensation of the breast, breast tenderness, darkening of areola, and breast heaviness.

You might have gained some weight by this week. Morning sickness is the most common problem in some women.

If you have experienced such problem when you are 6 week pregnant, you may lose weight and you may experience this at anytime. It can be either during the day or night. During this week, your nausea and headache may even get worse.

During 6 week pregnant, the pregnancy hormone that measures the human chorionic gonadotropin levels are enough that urine test will confirm your pregnancy at this point.

Avoid drinking alcohol [Fetal Alcohol Syndrome], smoking cigarettes, and also taking drugs if you have not stopped yet, as this week is the most important week for your baby’s development and such things may effect your baby’s development.

Toxoplasmosis is one of the problems during pregnancy, which not only affects you, but also your newborn. Since neural tube will start to form at your six week pregnant, take folic acid in order to prevent spinal cord defects.

If you have not selected your health care provider for your pregnancy yet, try to make it soon. Make sure that you had your first prenatal appointment with your doctor by now and you are following good prenatal habits as per your doctor.



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