Know What Happens When You Are 20 Week Pregnant!

Are you a 20 week pregnant? Congratulations! You are in the middle of your pregnancy and your uterus is almost even with your navel now.

Your belly will come out and continues the same as your uterus grows.

If you have multiples in your uterus, the uterus will be two or more inches higher.

In your 20 week pregnant, your baby will have same sleep and wake up times as new born has.

20 Week PregnantIn this week, you can feel “fluttering” or “quickening” of your baby. Indeed, by your baby’s movement, you can tell if your baby is sleeping or awake.

During this week, your baby weighs approximately ten ounces or close to one pound and about seven inches long from crown to rump.

Even though the lungs are not matured enough yet, your baby starts practicing breathing motions.

When you are 20 weeks pregnant, your baby’s ears are completely functional and start hearing voices – your voice as well as voices outside the uterus. Sometimes, if there is a loud noise near you, the baby may even startle and jump.

Hair on scalp begins to grow during this week. Most of the organs of your baby have formed and your baby is entering into the period of simple growth. If your baby is a girl, the uterus starts to develop in this week.

The baby begins to produce vernix in this twentieth week. Vernix is a white creamy substance that protects your baby from amniotic fluid. Also, lanugo (fine hair) covers your baby’s body.

Usually, this lanugo and vernix will almost disappear by the time of delivery, but sometimes you may find some lanugo in the creases of your baby’s skin, cheeks, shoulders, etc and some vernix after the birth.

Many pregnant women will have pregnancy ultrasound during this week and you will be surprised seeing your baby’s head and limbs.

When you are 20 week pregnant, you can experience some symptoms like difficulty breathing, constipation, heartburn, breast tenderness, stretch marks, itching, headaches, etc.

You will be at increased risk of bladder infections in this period, as the smooth muscles of urinary tract will be relaxed.

During this week, you may start to experience difficulty in breathing. This continues until your uterus drops down. Once the uterus drops down, you start to have problem with frequent urination. In order to avoid frequent urination to some extent, do pelvic tilts before lying down.

At your 20 week pregnant, avoid backaches by maintaining good posture, use ergonomic chairs in office if you are a working woman, avoid standing for longer period, and avoid lifting objects with your back.

It is better for you to have childbirth classes when you are 20 week pregnant. If you did not sign the childbirth classes yet, it is a good idea for you to look into it. The childbirth classes are based on the philosophy of birth.

When you have problem during 20 week pregnant, consult your health care provider immediately and take necessary precautions to avoid any risks during pregnancy.


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