Pregnancy Development and How the Baby Evolves

Since pregnancy is an amazing journey, it is no wonder that the new mothers are usually interested in the pregnancy development. There is a lot going on in your womb; you can see that your body is changing and in the same time you can be sure that the baby is developing as well.

Pregnancy Development

Month one of the development of pregnancy

During the first half of the first month most probably you aren’t even pregnant yet since ovulation takes place in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Fertilization takes place a day after ovulation and it takes another 6-10 days for the fertilized egg, known as the blastocyst, to get implanted into the uterus.

Month 2

This is one of the most important pregnancy stages. In this period the blastocyst turns into an embryo and this is the month when the heart of the baby starts beating. The liver, pancreas, stomach and lungs start developing and it becomes easy to distinguish the head and the bottom of the little one.

Month 3

At this stage of the pregnancy development the bones of the baby begin to harden. He or she starts moving but the mother can’t feel these movements yet. The eyes are already formed and the outer ears also start developing. The external genital organs start to form as well.

Month 4

This is an interesting stage of pregnancy since the baby’s teeth start forming as well as the hair pattern. The little one pees into the amniotic fluid once per hour. If you have an ultrasound during this month it is possible that the doctor will be able to tell you the gender of the baby.

Month 5

The pregnancy development during this month doesn’t involve the formation of new organs, but this is the time when the fingerprints of the little one are formed. If you have a girl, primitive eggs start forming in her ovaries. You may feel the movements of the baby.

Month 6

At this stage of development of the pregnancy the eyebrows of the baby start to develop and he or she starts practicing breathing for the time when he or she will have to breathe alone. During this month you could have Braxton-Hicks contractions, but these don’t bother the baby at all.

Month 7

When it comes to pregnancy development at this stage you may notice that the baby’s movements are smaller. This is because the space is getting quite crowded in the uterus.     This is the time when you can notice the sleep patterns of the little one.

Month 8

This is an interesting pregnancy stage of development. At this point the bone marrow is able to produce the red blood cells that the baby needs. The irises of the little one contract and dilate, responding to light. The baby can already blink and he or she even has fingernails.

Month 9

At this stage of pregnancy development the little one looks like a real baby and he or she is able to survive on their own.


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