Pregnancy Week By Week! Interesting To Know Baby’s Growth Every Week!

Are you pregnant? Know pregnancy week by week and gain knowledge about your baby’s progress.

The first two weeks of your pregnancy in pregnancy week by week are considered to be the period of ovulation, in which ovum will be produced.

In third week, if fertilization takes place, fertilized egg will get implanted into the uterus.

By the end of fourth week, your urine pregnancy test will likely be positive. When you are 5 weeks pregnant, your baby will be 5mm long and heart starts beating.

During sixth week of Pregnancy, umbilical cord starts developing, eyes and ears are forming, and other body organs will be under construction.

Pregnancy Week By WeekBy seventh week, your baby measures about 7-mm in length by crown-rump length. Hands and legs continue to develop, but fingers have not formed. Brain starts to develop. Lenses of eyes and nasal pits are forming.

In eighth and ninth week, elbow starts forming. The arms and fingers (webbed) develop. There is appearance of eyes, ears, and tip of the nose. Teeth start developing under gums.

When you are 10 weeks pregnant, almost all joints will be formed. The baby starts moving inside the womb. The eleventh week of pregnancy week by week is called fetus. In this period, the baby’s growth is rapid. Baby’s head is about half the length of body.

The baby continues to grow in twelfth week. Fingers and toes will be separated. Hair and nails start growing. Kidneys start to excrete and intestine practices peristalsis.

During thirteenth week, intestines move into the body of baby. Eyes start to come closer. In this week, baby’s sex can be determined. Liver and pancreas start functioning.

In fourteenth week, the baby starts to move the hands. In this week, baby gets nourishment from the placenta.

Your baby starts to suck the thumb in fifteenth week. Lanugo hair covers the body of your baby. Following week, the bones will get harder and you may feel fetal movements.

In seventeenth week of pregnancy, your baby blinks and swallows. Fat starts to develop beneath skin. Eighteenth week, meconium (baby’s first bowel movement) accumulates. Prostate gland (if boy) starts to develop.

When you are 19 weeks pregnant, vernix caseosa will be formed to protect the skin of fetus. The placenta continues to nourish your baby. In twentieth week of pregnancy, uterus (if girl) starts to develop.

From twenty-first week, the growth will be slowed down. In twenty-second week, eyelids and eyebrows will be formed. The testes (boy) will descent from pelvis to scrotum.

The growth continues and by the end of twenty-sixth week, nostrils begin to open and lungs start secreting surfactant, which helps lungs to expand normally.

In twenty-seventh week, brain continues to grow rapidly so as lungs. Retina starts forming. By twenty-ninth week, most of the body parts are developed and start functioning. In thirtieth week, lanugo starts disappearing. By thirty second week of pregnancy, five senses will be functional.

By the end of thirty-fourth week in pregnancy week by week, brain continues to grow. Baby develops immunities to protect against infections. In thirty-fifth week, your baby has less space in the uterus to move. Testes (boy) have completed their descent.

From the thirty-fifth week to fortieth week, all body parts have developed. Lanugo and vernix will be disappeared. Lungs are maturing. Your baby has less space and may drop into birth canal at anytime. Get prepared for delivery.



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