Pregnancy Weekly – Changes That Takes Place In You During Pregnancy

Pregnancy weekly will give you information about the changes that takes place during your pregnancy.

The first two weeks are counted as a part of 40 weeks although the baby has not conceived yet.

In 28-day menstrual cycle, the best period of conception is between 12-16 days from the first day of menstrual cycle.

When the fertilized egg implants into the uterus wall, you may experience spotting.

During fourth week of pregnancy weekly, you may experience heaviness and soreness in your breasts.

Pregnancy WeeklyIn fifth week, you can take a pregnancy test. You may not have morning sickness yet although your pregnancy test is positive, but you may have sense of smell.

When you are 6 weeks pregnant, you may experience morning sickness. The uterus swells and put pressure on bladder.

Because of hormonal changes in your body, you will feel completely exhausted during seventh week and you may notice decreased appetite due to nausea.

When you are 8 weeks pregnant, you will experience fatigue, as your body needs to work hard to cope with your baby’s development. There will be watery discharge from your vaginal wall.

During ninth week, you can see the thickening of waistline. As the womb presses on uterus, you suffer from frequent urination.

There are more chances of miscarriage when you are at tenth week of pregnancy weekly. Increase in progesterone levels cause your gums bleed.

You will feel tired and your eyesight may be affected during this week. You will be gaining about 2-3 pounds by eleventh week. Changes in hormones cause mood swings.

When you reach the twelfth week, the nausea and dizziness will calm down though in some women it continues throughout the pregnancy. The risk of miscarriage is decreased by now.

Now you are moving into the second trimester. From 13-16 weeks, you will gain weight as your pregnancy morning sickness starts to disappear. The placenta starts to work. You may experience nosebleeds due to increased blood volume.

From 17-20 weeks, you may gain up to ten pounds. You will notice increase in appetite. Your heart needs to work 40-50 percent harder to cope with your pregnancy. The risk of bladder infections increases during twentieth week due to the relaxation of smooth muscles.

By seeing you, everyone can say you are pregnant from twenty-first week. Your uterus continues to grow. You might have gained up to 14 pounds. There will be no more morning sickness from twenty-second week.

You may experience hemorrhoids in twenty-fifth week. You will have glucose tolerance test to test for gestational diabetes between 24-28 weeks.

As you move onto third trimester, you will find stretch marks as uterus expands. Your uterus extends above your navel. You will feel more discomfort in your pelvis during thirtieth week. You will notice colostrum leakage from breasts.

During 35-week of pregnancy weekly, it is difficult to find comfortable sleeping position. By 37-week, you might have gained 20-25 pounds. Pelvic exam will be done to verify the progress and position of baby.

Some women may have pre-term delivery during 38-week of pregnancy weekly. Your uterus will remain the same in the last two weeks. Leg cramps and backaches continue. When you reach the 40-week of pregnancy weekly, you are soon to have birth now.


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