Learn More About the Second Trimester Pregnancy

In the majority of the cases women feel better during the second trimester pregnancy. The best thing about it is that pregnant women aren’t affected by morning sickness anymore and the baby isn’t big enough to push the internal organs and to make you feel uncomfortable.

Larger breasts during the pregnancy’s second trimester

The glands producing milk are stimulated by progesterone and estrogen and this is why your breasts could get bigger. It is also possible that there will be some fat accumulated in your breasts. Most probably your breasts aren’t that tender anymore, it is still likely for the nipples to be sore.

Second Trimester PregnancyGrowing belly

During the pregnancy’s second trimester the uterus needs to expand to make more room for the baby and this is why the abdomen also has to grow. Starting with this trimester you can expect to gain about 3-4 pounds per month until childbirth.

Braxton Hicks contractions

A lot of women get scared by this symptom of the second trimester pregnancy, but you have to consider that the uterus needs to prepare for the job that it will have in the future. Most probably you will experience these contractions in the groin or abdomen. Normally these are weak and they come and go.

Changes of the skin

As part of the pregnancy’s second trimester there will be more blood in your system and this is why some parts of your skin could become darker. You could observe such changes in case of your nipples, face and the linea nigra could also appear. Exposure to sun could make the situation even worse.

Stretch marks

This is a part of the second trimester pregnancy that women are afraid of the most. These are purple, pink or red lines appearing on the abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks and arms. The lines could turn out to be itchy but the good news is that in time they will fade a bit. Moisturizers could help with the marks.

Gum and nasal problems

As it has been mentioned before, you have more blood during the pregnancy’s second trimester and this means that there is more blood in the mucous membranes of women. The lining of the airway and of the nose could swell and so it will be more difficult to breathe and it is also possible that you will start snoring.

The increased blood level of the second trimester pregnancy also affects the gums, softening them and because of this they could bleed if you rub them too hard. During this period it may be a good idea to get a softer toothbrush and you may also want to give up flossing for a time.


Because of the hormones of the pregnancy’s second trimester the blood vessels dilate, and there might not be enough blood to fill them. Caused by this you could feel lightheaded or dizzy from time to time. If this is the case, you should make sure to drink plenty of water and also try lying down.

Leg cramps

During the second trimester pregnancy it is common for women to experience leg cramps, mostly during the night. To avoid them, you should make sure to stretch your muscles as often as you can. It is also a good idea to be physically active and to stay hydrated during the day.

Shortness of breath

Keep in mind that during the pregnancy’s second trimester the lungs need to process more air than they did before, and as a result you may experience shortness of breath from time to time. Also you may see during second trimester pregnancy that you will have to breathe faster.


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