Stages of Fetal Development by Trimester

The women wishing to get pregnant may be interested in the stages of fetal development by trimester. The truth is that these stages are more than interesting for the parents who want to know how the little one’s doing inside the womb.

Stages of Fetal Development by Trimester

The first trimester

At the beginning of this stage, women aren’t even pregnant yet. After the egg gets fertilized, it travels to the uterus where it gets attached to the endometrium. This is where the fetus will develop. During this stage the arms and legs will start to show and the heart starts beating at a steady rhythm.

How is the fetus doing?

It is interesting to know about the stage by stage fetal development that the facial traits of the baby start to develop as soon as the first trimester. The genitalia also develop along with the tiny buds that will later become the baby teeth.

Second trimester

When it comes to the stages of fetal development by trimester it is good to know that during this trimester the internal organs start to develop, along with the bone structure of the baby’s body. While at the beginning the little one looks nothing like a real baby, fat will start to accumulate to make the little one look more round.

What he or she does?

One of the cutest things to know about the fetal development stages by trimester is to know that at this point the baby can already hear and he or she is already making sucking motions. If you will have a little girl, her uterus will also develop during this trimester.

Third trimester

Until this one of the stages of fetal development by trimester the baby had hair on his or her body to protect them, but this is the time when the hair starts to disappear. As the baby’s brain develops even more, the little one will start experimenting with different kinds of movements.

It is good to know about this development stage of the third trimester of pregnancy that the baby is already able to breathe just like he or she will after birth. As the pregnancy progresses, the baby will settle into the birthing position and by the time he or she gets born, the majority of the organs will already be mature.

There is a lot to know about the stages of fetal development by trimester, but usually the mothers ‘feel’ these stages.


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