The Main Stages of Fetal Development

All pregnant women are interested in the stages of fetal development because this is what goes on in their belly during pregnancy.

Usually women are curious about what their baby is doing inside the womb so you might be curious about the matter as well.

Conception and the beginning of fetal development stages

In the moment of conception, a viable zygote is formed when the egg meets the sperm and the fertilization process takes place.

During this period, women are supposed to have a normal cycle and normal hormonal balance and most probably they will have a normal pregnancy.

Stages of Fetal DevelopmentDuring this fetal development stage normal gametes are formed.

If the woman has normal fallopian tubes the egg will travel through the right passage and the woman in question won’t be affected by an ectopic pregnancy. Also it is important for the uterus to have a normal position.

Embryonic development

This is another one of the stages of fetal development. During this period, there is a completely formed embryo in the womb of women.

This is the time when the central nervous system of the fetus starts to develop and the formation of the heart also starts. The first heartbeats appear during this stage.

As the pregnancy progresses during the next fetal development stages the fetus gets to the size of a pigeon’s egg.

The weight of the little one is less than 1 gram. The eyes start to develop in the form of dark dots and also small arms and legs in the shape of buds.

During the following stages of fetal development the nose and lips also form. The five components of the brain get developed and the lumen of the spinal cord develops linking to the brain vesicles, making it possible for the cerebral spinal fluid to flow.

When the fetus gets to this one of the fetal development stages, the major organs start developing. The fetus grows to the size of a chicken’s egg and it weighs about 4 grams. The hands and the feet become visible and the little one becomes responsive to the surroundings.

In case the baby is a boy, during this one of the stages of fetal development testosterone is produced by the testes. In this case the sex development starts, but there is no change in case of girls.

By the 12th week of the fetal development stages, the fetus gets to the size of a goose egg. At this moment the placenta still weighs more than the baby itself. During this week the fetus weighs about 12 grams and the fingers and toes can be seen.

Fetal development in 14th week

This is the longest one of the stages of fetal development. When the pregnancy is of 14weeks the baby is already able to swallow, suck and perform breathing movements. In this period it is possible to hear the heart beats of the baby with the help of ultrasound amplification. The sex is already distinguishable.


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