5 Ways to Stay Active During a Winter Pregnancy

If you live in the colder regions of the world, then it is highly likely that you will be spending atleast a few of your pregnancy months, if not all in winters. Either in this case or in the case when your pregnancy falls during the winter season, you will need to remain extra active.

A lot of pregnant women tend to become dull and lethargic during winters because of the excuse of the cold weather but exercising indoors can avoid you from experiencing the cold and will also keep you very active.

For a healthy pregnancy, every woman must engage in atleast 30 minutes of moderate exercising on an everyday basis. The following are the 5 ways which will help you stay active during a winter pregnancy:

stay active during a winter pregnancy

1. Take Pregnancy Supportive Fitness Classes

The first way to be out there and keep yourself active in winter pregnancy is to join a pregnancy friendly fitness class in your neighborhood. These classes are generally offered by gym or by some other fitness center.

There are several pregnancy friendly classes like yoga, aerobics, Pilates, ballet bar class or even an aquatic aerobics class. Make sure you consult your doctor before joining any of these classes.

2. Plan Home Workout Sessions

If it is too cold outside or it is not safe for you to step out, you can plan a workout session for home. This you can do with the help of a workout DVD, preferably a pregnancy friendly yoga DVD or pregnancy aerobics DVD.

If you don’t have any such DVD, then you can always log online and look for such a video on a video platform. This gives you a chance to exercises in the comfort of your warm house.

3. Take up a Safer Snow Activity

If it snows in the part of the world that you live in, then you can step out when it is not snowing and take up a safe snow activity. You can play in the snow with your kid but make sure you keep it as safe as possible.

One of the safe snow activities for a pregnant woman is snowshoeing but only on a safe terrain.

4. Take a walk

If it is unsafe to do any of the snow activities or other workouts, you can just simply take a walk near your house in your snow boots. Be careful while you walk and stay clear of ice patches or snow puddles.

You can also purchase ice grippers so that you can enjoy walking even further in the snow. Remember to take your partner or a friend when you go out for walking.

5. Stay Indoors and Engage in Activities you Love

Another way to stay active during a winter pregnancy is to stay indoors and engage yourself in a little fun activity like dancing or doing dance aerobics on your favorite music or just play hide and seek or other physical games with your kids too.

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