Survive the Longest Stage of Pregnancy- The Final Two Weeks

Pregnancy is a period of changes that include those which you can manage with slight adjustments and also changes that you will not be able to handle as easy as the others. As you may know, the pregnancy period is divided into three trimesters.

The final two weeks of the trimester is a period of anxious wait and a nerve wringing suspense as to when you would go into labor. The general rule of thumb as far as first-time moms are concerned for delivery is the expected due date plus 8 days.

Weeks before due date

While your mind knows that the extra one week that the baby spends in your womb is going to do a lot of good to the baby, the stress, mood swings and the difficulty of coping with your heavy tummy could actually make you selfish and want to have the baby delivered as early as possible.

Starting with a week or weeks before the due date you start to get jittery as to whether a small pain you feel is actually the labor pain and as you approach the due date, you will start worrying as to why you are not going into labor and go full-swing into  all activities that you think will ensure you will have a normal delivery and lead you into labor.

Survive the Longest Stage of Pregnancy- The Final Two Weeks

Due date and post due date

Come due date! You are almost convinced that you are going to remain pregnant forever, though your brain knows it is not to be so. Each and every day after the due date coming and going without the baby joining you will leave you with plenty of questions, stress as to what would happen? Disappointment! because you are still not able to have the little one in your hand to shower all the love you want to. You would really get impatient with the wait and it truly is frustrating.

Coping the last two weeks

Whether it is the end of your trimester or you are running into the 41st or 42nd week, you could follow these tips to fight the blues and spend your time of anticipation stress- free and filled with excitement

Shop for baby clothesShopping for baby clothes or even just going around the store making a list of things you will buy later for the baby will surely lift your moods. Just shopping for baby clothes will have you visualizing your little one inn them and will instantly transform the sulk on your face into a smile.

Go on a date with your husband– you might not have thought of going out with your spouses for a few weeks now anticipating to go into labor at any time. Now use the extra time your little one is giving you to go on a date to elevate your moods. Going out, breathing fresh air and having the food you love will all help you alleviate stress and lift your moods.

Take a nap– this could be the only and the best resort to get your mind to keep thinking about the due date and why the baby has not arrived yet and related worries. The nap will also help you to refresh yourself and give you the energy to engage yourself in some purposeful activity. This will also help you to avoid negativity.

Look at baby pictures– Looking at baby pictures either on the phone or even hanging them where you can see them often will immediately get you excited and lift your moods. It will to some extent prevent you from thinking about any other negative things. You could also browse the Net and look at babies just one week old. It will certainly make you feel better.

Go out as often as you can– staying indoors in pregnancy-friendly clothes could be comfortable for you physically. But man is a social animal and so is a woman. Dressing up and going out and meeting people, spending time with friends and even shopping will help you to pass the day without having to get stressed up staying indoors and anticipating the labor pain that is not going to manifest yet.

Be prepared for Plan B too-  The hardest part of being overdue is to get yourself to reconcile to the fact that you might have to be needed to be induced or opt for c-section. Many times you tend to avoid even thinking about it because you strongly believe that you might not have to face it if you do not think about it. But preparing yourself to face plan B  thinking that it should be accepted because it will do a lot of good to the baby is the right way to be prepared.

In short, indulge in any activity that is likely to keep you happy and in good moods to pass through the longest period of pregnancy peacefully without worries.


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