Important Facts from Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Although you may think that the third trimester of pregnancy is the beginning of the end, you should know that during this period the baby still has a lot of developing to do. You may think that your belly couldn’t possibly get bigger and then you realize that you were wrong.

Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Information about the 3rd trimester of pregnancy

At the beginning of the third trimester the baby weighs about two and a half pounds and he or she is about 16 inches long. By the end of your pregnancy he or she will be 6-9 pounds and 19-22 inches long. In the same time the baby will be able to blink, dream and to regulate his or her own temperature.

Things to know about the third pregnancy trimester

Believe it or not, by the 31st week of pregnancy the baby gets signals from all five senses. He or she is able to taste what you eat, can react to the changes of the intensity of light and can hear your voice. By the following week the skin of the baby becomes opaque.

Fast growth

It is good to know about the 3rd pregnancy trimester that during the 33rd week the baby can grow an entire inch. As a result you might experience some serious pokes and kicks. During the next week the testicles of the baby, if the baby is a boy, start their journey towards the scrotum.

Week 36

The pregnancy’s third trimester is all about development. By the 36th week the baby could weigh 6 pounds. Two weeks later the baby gets rid of the vernix. This is the substance covering their skin to protect it against the amniotic fluid. He or she also gets rid of the lanugo (the hair that keeps him or her warm).

Some quiet time

You can expect the 39th week of the pregnant women’s third trimester to be relatively uneventful. Nonetheless you can expect the baby to drop lower in the pelvic region. When you reach the 40th week of pregnancy you officially reach the end of your pregnancy even though you didn’t give birth yet.


When thinking about the third trimester of pregnant women you should know that about 50% of all babies get born after the 40th week. This means that it is highly likely that you will give birth after the 41st or even the 42nd week of pregnancy. This is something normal and you shouldn’t get alarmed.

Fetal activity

During the last trimester of pregnancy the baby is quite active and you can feel almost every movement since there is so little space inside your uterus. It is possible that you will experience abdominal achiness and the majority of women also experience Braxton Hicks contractions.

In the pregnancy’s last trimester women often notice varicose veins and some stretch marks. However you shouldn’t be bothered by these because they are a sign that you have a bundle of joy on the way. It is also possible that you will feel extra clumsy in the pregnancy third trimester.


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