How to Recognize Two Months Pregnant Symptoms?

Being pregnant is an exciting time but most women will not realize until they are 2 months pregnant. Many will believe that they have missed a lot but the good news is that due to the way a pregnancy term is calculated, you will have only missed around two weeks of your unborn growing.

Two months pregnant symptoms

Being two months along means that you are between weeks five and eight of your pregnancy, which is when most women will find out.

There are chances that you will have felt some of the pregnancy symptoms before this but this time is when most of the symptoms are experienced. You will likely feel nauseous, especially on a morning, and feel extremely tired.

If you do not know your cycle or have irregular periods, there are chances that you will not realize that you are pregnant yet.

If you are suffering from any of the early pregnancy signs, it is worth taking a home pregnancy test to find out if you are expecting a baby. By month two, the pregnancy hormones will be high enough to be measured by the test.

Apart from feeling sick and tired, there are other two months pregnant symptoms to look out for. Symptoms differ between women and pregnancies but some will have cramping at this stage. This is perfectly normal – as long as there is no blood either. This is just due to the muscles in the uterus working hard to accommodate for the new life growing inside of you; the muscles will be stretching.

There are chances that you will also get frequent headaches, due to the extra hormones that are in your body, and you may be suffering from sore or tender breasts. Of course, you may not feel anything during this time, which make many women doubt their pregnancy.

Fetal development in two months

Your baby is just a fetus at this time but is developing quickly. If you have a transvaginal ultrasound – one inside your vagina – you will be able to see the embryo growing; if you have had a miscarriage in the past, it is likely that you will be offered this type of ultrasound, otherwise you will usually wait until week 10.

In fact, the ultrasound will be able to make out the head and rump of the life form. During this stage, the fetus will start to resemble a human instead of a peanut but there is still a long way to go.

By the last week of the second month, the sex of your baby will be made clearer. This is when the testes or ovaries are developed, along with many other important parts, including the joints and bones.

How Dads Can Help at Two Months Pregnant

Because the first trimester will usually take a lot out of an expectant mother, it is important for the father to help out as much as possible. Look for ways that will help her to put her feet up, such as doing the dishes or getting the older kids in bed early. You may also want to consider running her a warm bath so she can relax or just enjoy a quiet night on the couch together.



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