Week By Week Pregnancy Guide For A Healthy Pregnancy!

When it is confirmed that you are pregnant, it is good for you to follow week by week pregnancy guide for healthy pregnancy.

If conception takes place, the urine test will be positive by the end of fourth week.

As soon as your pregnancy is confirmed, schedule an appointment with OB/GYN doctor and follow week by week pregnancy guide as per your health care provider.

Here are some tips for you to follow during your pregnancy, but consult your doctor before considering.

Week By Week PregnancyIn the fourth week of week by week pregnancy guide, eat healthy and nutritious diet and drink at least 6-8 ounces of water.

Since the neural tube of the baby will be formed by the end of sixth week, take folic acid as it reduces neural tube defects in your baby.

When you are 7 weeks pregnant, you may continue to have morning sickness. Never leave your stomach empty. Add proteins to your diet in order to avoid hypoglycemia.

Eighth week is one of the most important weeks of pregnancy where rapid development of baby’s brain takes place and it is important for you to quit tobacco and alcohol in order to avoid brain defects.

When you are 10 weeks pregnant, increase your calcium intake by taking calcium-rich products, milk products, yogurt, etc. as your baby needs more calcium throughout your pregnancy. Avoid taking chocolates as it decreases the ability of your body to absorb the calcium.

If you have gained more than 35 pounds by the end of eleventh week, postpartum weight loss will be difficult for you. So, stop bad eating habits.

From twelfth week, continue to take prenatal vitamins and make sure that your baby is getting enough calcium, vitamin D, B12, proteins. Soy products are enriched with proteins and calcium.

During your fourteenth week, you may experience constipation and in order to mitigate it, do moderate exercises, drink plenty of fluids, take raw food, etc.

From fifteenth week, try to sleep on your left side for good blood circulation. Lying on back around fourth and fifth month can put pressure on your uterus and decreases circulation to your baby.

When you enter your fifth month (17-20 weeks), elevate your legs as much as possible, continue moderate exercises, and use support stockings, such as a RejuvaHealth compression stocking, to improve blood flow.

During sixth month i.e., when you are 21 weeks to 25 weeks pregnant, it is important for you to consider signing up with childbirth classes. Start taking potassium-rich products in order to avoid cramping.

When you enter the seventh month (26-30 weeks), consider having regular checkups with your doctor as your blood pressure may rise.

Start doing breathing and relaxation exercises from eighth month (31-34 weeks). Continue to drink fluids, elevate legs while sitting, lie on left side, etc.

In the ninth month (35-40 weeks) of week by week pregnancy guide, watch for the signs of labor. If you think you are getting real labor pains, do not eat anything that causes you to have nausea. Week by week pregnancy guide gives instructions to follow for healthy pregnancy.



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