5 Months Pregnant Symptoms to Be Prepared For

If you have to think about the 5 months pregnant symptoms, the good news is that you are already halfway through your pregnancy.

Keep in mind that the symptoms vary from one woman to the other and from one pregnancy to the other.

5 Months Pregnant Symptoms


This is a common symptom during this period. The problem arises because as the baby grows the uterus pushes against the stomach. As a result the gastric acid can reach the esophagus. To take care of the problem there are different medications that you can use, such as Mylanta or Tums.

Leg cramps

When it comes to the symptoms of pregnancy of the 5th month you have to prepare for leg cramps. The uterus is pressing against the blood vessels that bring the blood back from the legs, resulting in leg cramps. The downside of the problem is that the cramps usually hit during the night, making it difficult for women to have a good night’s sleep.

Braxton Hicks contractions

The women thinking about the 5 months pregnant symptoms often consider these contractions. Although they can be scary during the second trimester you should remember that these are only exercise cramps. They aren’t supposed to be powerful or regular.

Bleeding gums

This one of the signs of pregnancy during the 5th month is caused by the pregnancy hormones. These make the gums swollen and they could also bleed. Make sure that you use a soft toothbrush to avoid the bleeding. It is also a good idea to see your dentist at least once during your pregnancy.

Skin changes

One of the most annoying 5 months pregnant symptoms is to have stretch marks. These usually appear on the arms, breasts, abdomen and thighs. As the skin stretches it may also itch. Although there is no magic lotion to take care of the problem, you could use a moisturizing lotion that contains cocoa butter.

Movements of the baby

This one is the cutest 5 months pregnancy sign of them all. The truth is that the baby starts moving in the womb a lot sooner, but mothers usually notice these movements later. You should enjoy this time when the movements of the baby are still relatively gentle, because later they will become more forceful.

Not all the 5 months pregnant symptoms are pleasant, but for sure you will be able to handle them.


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