The Baby at 30 Weeks Pregnant Fetal Development

If you are thinking about the baby at 30 weeks pregnant fetal development you should know that this week is all about gaining weight.

Now the baby is of about 16 inches long and he or she weighs 3 pounds.

Before this week the skin of the baby was quite wrinkled, but now it is becoming smoother.

Baby at 30 Weeks Pregnant Fetal Development

General information

In case you will have a little boy you should know that by this time the testicles have already moved to the groin. Until this point the body temperature of the little one was controlled by the amniotic fluid, but now he or she can control their own body temperature.

Becoming independent

When thinking about the baby development during the 30th week of pregnancy for sure you know that for a long time the umbilical cord offered the baby the nutrients and the blood that he or she needed. However, at this stage the bone marrow of the baby is able to produce red blood cells on its own.

This new blood is able to transport nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body, which is important for the baby during 30 weeks pregnant fetal development. In the same time, the body of the baby becomes able to store iron, phosphorus and calcium.

Gaining weight

During the 30th week of pregnancy baby development the little one starts storing more and more fat, and this is why he or she is able to regulate the temperature. There is more hair on the body of the baby than before and now the little one has the proportions of a real baby.

The hands

At 30 weeks, the baby’s hands are already developed and they also have fingernails. If you have an ultrasound, you might see that the baby is grasping their hand or foot. This is important for the development of the nerves.

The eyes

Now the babies are able to open their eyes, which is quite interesting regarding the 30th pregnancy week fetal development. Even more, based on the rapid eye movements we can even say that they babies are also able to dream. At this point the babies usually have grayish-blue or blue eyes.


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