Choosing the Best Baby Shower Gifts for Guests

If you are throwing a baby shower most probably you will also think about the baby shower gifts for guests. You don’t have to think about expensive items; instead go for those that are cute and that are connected to the theme of the shower.

You can check out the following gifts as well as these gifts that are great for baby showers.

Baby Shower Gifts for Guests

Salt and pepper shaker

One of the cutest ideas that you could have for gifts of this kind is to offer a ceramic caterpillar that comes with a salt and pepper shaker. It is very unlikely that the guests will ever use them, but you can be sure that they will always remember the baby shower where they received it.

Photo holders

If you choose wild animal as the theme of the shower, you could find photo holders in the shape of wild animals as guests’ gifts for baby shower. During the shower you use them as place card holders, and when the guests go home you could offer them to take the holders home. You could also add to it a photo from the shower.

Rubber duck candle

In case the color scheme of the party includes yellow, you could offer as gifts for the guests of the baby shower candles in the shape of rubber ducks. Naturally it is highly unlikely that the guests will ever use them. It will become a memento of the baby shower where they (hopefully) had a lot of fun.

Stroller derby

There is a trivia game that you might like, called ‘Stroller Derby’. The good news is that this game is relatively inexpensive.

Cupcake towel

Sometimes women are looking for useful things to offer as baby shower gifts for the guests. In this case consider a towel that is wrapped in the shape of a cupcake. This comes in different ‘flavors’ including chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. These towels really look like cupcakes.

Mint rolls

Although you might think that this isn’t the most suitable item for the list of the baby shower gifts, you should know that it is a very creative idea. Naturally the mint rolls should be personalized. You can have just anything on the wrapper of the mints, so make sure that there is some cohesion between the theme of the shower and the mint rolls.

Cotton candy

It will be hard to find a woman who doesn’t like cotton candy, and this is why it should make it to your gifts list for the baby shower. These come in different colors and flavors and the best thing about them is that the wrapper can be personalized.

Mint tins

This may be a better idea for the baby shower list for gifts than the mint rolls because after they eat the mints, the guests will still have the tin.

As you can see there are a lot of ideas for baby shower gift list.


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