Chemical Pregnancy Symptoms – How to Identify Them

Before people get interested in the chemical pregnancy symptoms, most probably they don’t even know about the existence of the term. It is possible that you have heard about it, but you don’t really know what it means.

What are the chemical pregnancy symptoms?

The symptoms of a chemical pregnancy are caused by a very early miscarriage when women don’t even know that the egg has been fertilized.

A lot of women recognize some changes regarding their period. In some cases the bleeding may be heavier or it could be a little late. The chemical pregnancy could be determined as a fertilized egg that wasn’t implanted.

Chemical Pregnancy Symptoms

In the majority of the cases the most important symptom is a late period. Some of the women claim that they feel some tenderness in their breast just as they would in case of a normal pregnancy.

The women who have gone through a pregnancy before recognize the chemical pregnancy symptoms before they get their period, and it is also possible to get a false positive result if you use a pregnancy test.

Some other symptoms of pregnancy that is chemical include some vaginal bleeding or spotting after women get a positive result.

However, if they get a blood test this will show decreased hCG levels instead of the elevated ones. The truth is that there aren’t as many symptoms as in case of a real miscarriage. In the majority of the cases these pregnancies aren’t even observed.

Women say about chemical pregnancy symptoms that they seem to be part of a cruel joke, since they have a positive pregnancy test and they find out that they aren’t pregnant.

Why do the symptoms occur?

It is said that the reasons of the signs of pregnancy that is chemical are similar to the reasons of other miscarriages.There might be a chromosomal abnormality. It is very difficult to find out the reason of such early miscarriages because doctors can’t get any samples to analyze.

Factors that contribute to the appearance of the symptoms when having a chemical pregnancy include abnormal lining of the uterus, abnormalities of the uterus or having an infection of the reproductive organs.


Although the signs of having a chemical pregnancy seem to be quite common, nobody knows how common they really are. Still there are some studies saying that about 70% of all fertilizations end with a miscarriage of some kind. In case a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant and isn’t monitoring her cycle she may never know that she had a pregnancy that she lost.


The effects of the symptoms of having a chemical pregnancy are mild and the only real effect is that the period of women is a little late. Studies show that the next period of women might be lighter than usual.

Women shouldn’t really worry about the chemical pregnancy symptoms because most probably they won’t even recognize them. This is something that almost every woman goes through at some point.


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