Danger Signs Of Pregnancy

Did you know that if you are on your fourth and fifth pregnancy you are at a higher risk than women who are on their first pregnancy? This does not mean however that the first timer will not have complications anymore. Both women should be aware of the danger signs when conceiving a baby.

Even when your pregnancy is normal it presents vast physiologic changes, but that should not be a cause of worry for you. Knowing the signals that confirm danger will tell you to seek early consultation and therefore prevent complications.

Some of them include any type of vaginal bleeding no matter how scanty the amount is it may lead to an abortion or may indicate a low lying placenta; sudden gush of clear fluid that is not your urine as this could be your bag of water; abdominal cramps that increases in frequency and intensity may mean you are already having contractions; severe headache and blurring of vision could be a sign of increased blood pressure; severe vomiting could lead to dehydration; fever and chills could be a sign of infection; swelling of the face and hands is dangerous because it can lead to eclampsia and changes of fetal movement; an increase may indicate fetal distress and decrease could mean a weakening fetus.

Knowing these signs can save your own life and your baby.


  1. hi i am Akil,
    my girl friend told that she had lost her period to time..and she had canceled with doctor and she was confirmed that she is pregnant by a urine test after two–days that she said that she got her period back, I am not pregnant
    — please help me Is it any chances? like this Is she said true?


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